Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Vertebrates, , invertebrates and Egyptian burial tombs

Those are just some of the subjects I discussed with my soon to be 6 year old grandson the other night.

Back story; I babysat the boys while their parents went out for dinner.  Got the boys bathed and tucked up into bed.  The nearly 3 year old went to sleep within ten minutes, but the 6 year old is allowed to read for half an hour.  He reads at the same level as someone years older, and loves animals.

I go upstairs 30 minutes later to tuck him in and of course he starts talking, to delay the actual time he has to go to sleep, as he reckons he is smarter than his nana!!  

He's reading a book on snakes and proceeds to tell me how snakes are vertebrates and how worms are invertebrates.

I can feel the cogs in the depth of my brain turning to try and remember what I know about this subject, but don't really have to worry as he has plenty to say about it all.

Then he switches gear, because he then talks about skulls and snakes brains.  Okay, so we talk about that for a minute.  Which then proceeds into Egyptian burial tombs and what the Egyptian's did or did not do with brains..........honestly I have forgotten what he said.

I did ask him how on earth he knows about all of this and he has a book on interesting facts. Okay.

I go downstairs later and my brain is tired from over use.....LOL

I have to admit the grandkids keep us on our toes!!

Then the other week my daughter calls to tell me our soon to be 8 year old grand daughter has decided to be a Pescatarian  I had to rack my brain to remember what that was.  

All I could say to daughter was; "Which one of her "delightful" friends has decided they should all do this!!"

Any how, a month later she's still not eating meat and seems quite serious about it all.  So I am guessing it will be fish and chips for supper when they come to stay this coming weekend!!

I could go on and on with stories about my bunch of grandkids, and I am sure you all have lots of stories to tell as well.

I think I need to go to the pharmacy to see if they have any brain enhancer as I am going to need something to keep up with them!!


My Piece of Earth said...

I know what you mean, my great grands are around the same ages as your little ones. Wait until you need to help with math questions, that is another subject to make your brain work.

Certainly makes me feel as if I know absolutely nothing.

slugmama said...

Funny post.
I'd love to hear more about your grandkids. I only have one(who isn't one yet)and I am not allowed any contact with her, so I have to live vicariously through your interactions. ;-)
As for the being a least she is still eating animal protein. lol

Jackie said...

Smart little guy. Children can always talk about those things they find interesting.

God bless.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh how I agree! Grandies keep us on our toes, that's for sure. Our oldest (turning 10 in a couple weeks) has a better vocabulary than most 30 year olds and we're constantly astounded at the words he uses. He's home schooled and I guess that helps but this kid decided he wants to learn Japanese on his own and that's on top of his regular French and English.

Sunday Song

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