Monday, November 27, 2023

Trip to the Post Office

Went to put stamps on the Christmas cards to mail them. Took me forever to remember where I had actually put the cards, only to discover I had three stamps and four cards....LOL

So had to go to the post office to buy a book of stamps, which should last me well into next year.

Of the four cards I mailed, two were in Canada and there is a good chance that will be the last time I am sending them to those folk.  The other two were to family in the UK; I was short an international stamp.

Cost over $18 for a book of six international stamps.  The lady at the post office was telling me that there hasn't been an increase in the price of stamps since before COVID?  I don't remember do you?

Other than immediate family, I would think I am down to giving Christmas cards to a handful of people.  Do you send out a lot of cards?  I think it is a dying trend.


Jeanie said...

We usually send out about 125 cards. And, will probably be rethinking that. But I love doing it, love receiving "real" cards. It's worth it, the cost -- sofar!

maureenlthompson said...

I agree it is a dying trend. But, I still send out about 35 cards a year. I have reduced my list a lot but much as I think I will stop, I still do it! Old habits die hard......for me at least. Hardly any of my family sends cards anymore but I still send to them. Admire that you have almost stopped.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We generally do a combination of cards and virtual greetings. I have a membership to Jacquie Lawson cards online and can schedule greeting "cards" to be sent throughout the year for all sorts of occasions.

Karen said...

I send quite a few, though not nearly as many as my pal Jeanie, haha.
We were a military family so we have good friends in far flung places that we keep in touch with at Christmas. My paternal family is all in the US too, so postage there costs more than domestic mail... I watch for Rexall to put the books of stamps on sale and buy a couple of packs. I send a lot of birthday cards too.

Terra said...

I send maybe 25 cards, a good number, some to people I rarely contact but I care about them. I buy my stamps online and that is convenient and offers the full variety of stamps so I pick pretty ones. It is at usps in USA. I mainly send cards that have the Christian birth of Jesus message.

Jackie said...

I used to send out lots of cards, but have cut way back now. I would even do up letters for certain people. Now the aunts get a letter and my friend in the UK gets one.

God bless.

Linda said...

January 23, stamp prices increased. I will buy Christmas stamps since this is the time of the year I buy the most stamps. I like ones with Santa. The last three times I bought stamps, it was forever stamps just before the increase. I have Prime and have found that ordering a gift and having it shipped free is the way to go. I only did that for a cc with money for grandchild's high school graduation. Most of the time, just money sent to their mother's account is the best because they want money. I finally convinced Tommy to quit driving bills to be paid or calling, just pay with card. He likes that better.

This week, I will be going to buy more stamps before the price increase in January or all the good stamps are gone.
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