Wednesday, September 1, 2021

"There are Dinosaurs in My House, " by Helen Gordon

 "There are dinosaurs here, there, everywhere!

It isn’t every day that you find dinosaurs hiding all over your house.

Can you find them and see what they are doing?

Come and join us on an adventure and see what you discover.

With dinosaurs, familiar objects, recognisable environments and simple rhymes, this picture book is perfect for toddlers and dinosaur-obsessed little ones."

My mother sent over this book for the kids.  Her neighbour's daughter wrote this book and she thought the younger grand kids would love it. This is Helen's first book.  Liam loves it and has read it with me a couple of times.  It can be purchased at a number of places and is perfect for the under 5's.

I love reading books, and four of the seven grandchildren love reading books also.  The older three are into Harry Potter and Goosebumps books, and really all chapter books.  The two younger girls are not big readers.  Liam LOVES books and will read a book anytime, anywhere.....and Evan; well at 2 months old, his priority is being fed in a timely manner, not reading!!!

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Jackie said...

I have always loved reading but even though I read every night or nap time to our sons it took a very long time for them to develop the same love of reading.

Kurt reads a great deal, especially during holidays from teaching. He also listens to audio books on his trips home. Kris has started the audio book listening as well. He doesn't read as much as Kurt, but still reads a bit.

That book looks so good for little ones.

God bless.

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