Friday, September 17, 2021

Christmas shopping........

Well I have started Christmas shopping as there was a segment on the radio the other day, that was saying there could be shortages this year due to problems in the supply chain.  Now this is not the first time I heard this.  "R" was telling me there was talk at her work that the staff who buy in all the Christmas stuff were concerned about delivery; despite them ordering everything in February for Christmas.

It doesn't help that there is such a tight window for retailers to sell things for Christmas.  Saying that I am seeing email flooding in with adverts for all sorts of Christmas items.  I also heard and was told, that getting deals and bargains will be also difficult.

The grandkids are all getting Lego in some shape or form (other than the baby) this year, and trying to find a deal on Lego is difficult.  I ordered another lot from Chapters/Indigo, where I get Plum points.  I ordered online, so I get Swagbucks and put it on my credit card, so get PC points.  So all in all, I did pretty well with the order.

For the adults, I generally send out a group text telling them I will get them a gift card and where do they want it from.  The reason I send out a group text, is so I know I will get a response from them all!!  However, it then turns out to be a long winded affair, as my son thinks he's a comedian­čśĆ

Again this year, there will be very few Christmas cards sent out; postage is too expensive.  A lot of people have emails, so would rather hear from them via that.

Have you heard about the shortages and have you started your Christmas shopping?


My Piece of Earth said...

Have not started shopping yet. I buy clothes and books for great grands, and now all of my grandchildren are over 18 years I do not buy for them or my children. Having said that I do give my youngest daughter a restaurant gift card as they have been doing some things for me.
Hubby and I don't do gifts either, there is nothing we want or need as we buy at the time we need it. Our wants a few and far between.

Maggie said...

I've already started putting little things away for stocking fillers for the grandkids. We are noticing shortages and empty spaces on supermarket shelves, although I don't buy loads in now like I used to so not too worried

Cherie said...

We keep hearing about shortages due to a lack of lorry drivers. Christmas this year will be different from all our others. We have planned to stop buying so many presents for everyone and each other from now on. It just gets out of hand.

angela said...

I’ve made quite a few of my Christmas presents once again
My knit group ladies and my swim friends all get a hand made gift
I’ve organised with my nephew, who’s a builder, to build me a couple of sensory tables for my granddaughters and my godsons
The rest I’ll get once the shops open everyone else will get gift cards. Nice and easy I think

William Kendall said...

I do not celebrate it. Christmas is a difficult time of year for me.

Jackie said...

Not started here yet, but I usually make the sons something and then we give them cash. I will have to think long and hard on what to get Harvey though. He is complaining that his laptop is too slow so perhaps that is an idea if I can manage to save enough.

I have also heard that there could be shortages as well. So I have started to stock up on baking supplies. The son's expect lots of baking when they come home... Hopefully my oven is fixed by then.

God bless.

Meg B. said...

I don't go full out with the kids' gifts, (though they would beg to differ) but I DO shop year-round, picking up things here and there that are at a great price, which I think they might like. (Perfume, blankets, clothing, a favorite shampoo.)
I do not exchange gifts with extended family, but I do send homemade cards. Personally, I despise electronic greetings.
The shortage scare *has* had a bearing on what little Christmas shopping I do. I'm more apt to act immediately on something I see for that very reason.

Margie from Toronto said...

Yes, reports of possible shortages everywhere. I only buy for family if I'm visiting and then just for all the little ones - wine or some such for the adults. If I stay here in the city then it's either books or consumables for friends. We all decided a few years ago that none of us needed anymore "stuff" but we are all readers and enjoy tasting treats so not too difficult to find things.

I am going to start putting away Christmas food starting next month - if I see tins of shortbread, jars of mincemeat etc then I'll start buying. Since our Thanksgiving is in Oct. I'll buy a turkey breast & a pkg. of thighs, along with a small ham for Christmas at the same time I buy for Thanksgiving - just want to ensure that I can find what I want - best just to buy it when I see it.

Karen said...

Some years ago i started buying them all pajamas which would be accompanied by something I knit. They LOVE the knit goods. Giant Tiger will have a jammies in stock any day now. I have two three year old grandsons who are getting hand knit sweaters and some sort of toy. Their baby sister is still up in the air. I have a scary large stash of yarn that could keep me busy for years! I'm not worried. I heard a guy in the grocery store saying there may be a shortage of tea and coffee after Christmas. Now THAT worries me!

Joy said...

I've started too, just because it helps to spread the load and a little at a time means there's no pressure as one gets closer to the season.
There's aren't any children in the family now so I tend to get useful or edible bits and bobs and put together a sort of hamper type gift for everyone. And it is nice to have several little parcels to open.

Winifred said...

Well if I post the cards now folks MAY get them for this Christmas. The Post Office is never going to be able to offer the usual post by dates for Christmas.

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