Monday, September 13, 2021

"Astonished" was how I felt.....

 As you know I have been busy painting the main floor of the house.  By Saturday evening I was really tired, so decided to go to the drive thru at Dairy Queen.  I was too tired to walk into the store to order even though the line in the drive thru was long.  Anyhow after 20 minutes we were driving away with our order.

We live a good five minute drive from the store.  Got home and dumped out cheeseburger and fries onto our plates.  I felt the food and it was barely lukewarm; in fact I was "astonished" to find some fries freezing cold.  Not only were some freezing cold, they were FROZEN and raw😦

Below is a photo of the actual meal, minus the raw fries.  As you can see, quite a mixed unappetizing selection of fries. Some overcooked, some under cooked.
Granted the meal only cost around $8 each (that included a soft drink), but one thing I do expect is that the meal should be cooked.

I emailed Dairy Queen's customer service and got this reply:

Thank you for contacting Dairy Queen Canada Inc. (DQC) and bringing your experience to our attention. I am very sorry to learn that you have been disappointed.

At DQC, we truly appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers. It is only because of fans like you, who care enough to contact us that DQC and its independently owned and operated franchises can improve.

Your comments have been documented and forwarded to the independent franchise owner of this restaurant for their information and investigation. Additionally, I have forwarded your concerns to all appropriate DQC personnel for their review.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us.

Best Regards,

I then replied back with the photos (also an additional one) and will see if anything gets done.  We never eat out in a restaurant now, but do occasionally order take out.  I don't know why we do as we are rarely happy.

Do you order take out and are you happy with take out meals nowadays?


Practical Parsimony said...

In a word, "NO!" I order my hamburgers--cheese only, lettuce only, and tomatoes only. Wouldn't you know, I get catsup, pickles, all sorts of stuff I either don't like or don't want, or I am allergic to. Now, when I sit at the window and go through my sandwich, they tell me to pull away and then check it. NO, I don't think so. Then, I would have to wait another 15-25 minutes in the line again!

mamasmercantile said...

We do enjoy a meal out occasionally and enjoy fish and chips to take away now and again. Thankfully we are rarely disappointed.

Angela said...

We have found a family run fish&chip place 10minutes away in the next village. We order&pay online, then drive straight over, and it will be ready for us, being kept hot till we arrive. Its always beautifully cooked and great quality. Costs a little more than KFC or McDos. But a good meal, generous portions.

Joy said...

I'm glad you complained; that really isn't good enough and an insult.
I tend to make my own now. I find takeaways quite disappointing in comparison. However, I do eat out occasionally but try to have stuff I wouldn't necessarily make myself.

My Piece of Earth said...

We have not been to a restaurant in a long time, but we do take out when we have been busy and it's too late to cook. We go to Harvey's (they have coupons) they only give you the toppings you order, and we have never had any problem with the burgers, chicken burgers or the fries.
Wendy's have good burgers also.

I do find however, the meals cool down very quickly, that is the only downside for a take out meal no matter where you go. Frozen fries!!! makes you also wonder if the meat is cooked properly!!

I would keep the conversation going Gill, food poisoning is not acceptable at any restaurant.

William Kendall said...

I do takeaway, but so rarely from a fast food joint.

angela said...

We don’t do take out. The food is always horrid and makes us feel horrible
Too match fat salt and other who knows what in them
If we do buy cooked food it’s usually a cooked chicken from the supermarket and I made a quick salad
Much healthier and tasty

Rose said...

It usually pays to complain. We have driven 20 minutes to go through the drive through of one place only to come home and find that we did not get part of our order. I got on-line and filed a complaint. Somewhere along the way I had to give them numbers from the receipt. But I think I got 3 coupons for $5 off.

And one time, my daughter bought several Fat Quarters at a big name fabric store here in the states. When I got to checking, every single one was less than 18 inches...anywhere from half an inch to an inch. So I wrote them, and told them about it. I said, if one or two had been short and one or two had had extra fabric, I would have felt different. That got me a $15 gift certificate. And I would have felt different if some had had extra.

Jackie said...

I am afraid that we do order in once in awhile, but I always order from the same place and their food is awesome.

I am sorry you had such a bad meal. I hope the company gives you some kind of recompense.

God bless.

Winifred said...

Have to say no we don't order takeaways. I like to know what I'm eating and at least in a restaurant if there's a problem you can make the problem known. Not that it always works.

One of the worst and most expensive meals we've had was in Disney Srings in a supposedly good quality restaurant. Poor choice of main courses if you didn't eat meat which I don't. I ordered prawns & French fries, no other alternative accompaniment. I don't eat French fries at home (UK) they're not a patch on chips & have so much more fat in them. They were terrible, soggy & cold so I asked if they would get me some hot ones. They apologised came back with a large plate of exactly the same stuff which I couldn't eat, yuk! They pranced about as if it was the Ritz and expected a tip!!! My tip should have been to "get a better chef".

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