Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Another Before and After

 These are not the best photos, but the first two photos are of our lighting fixture that hangs over the stairs going down to the basement at the front of the house.  It was too big for the area.  So we decided to change it up

Plus the fabric shade was looking dirty,

The light fixture I chose looks a lot more airier and not heavy.  I purchased it from Wayfair Canada, you can see a clearer picture here.

It doesn't look so bulky and blends in more.
This light fixture is on the side of the living room.

There would normally be a hallway where this light is located, but the prior owners did away with the wall.  This light fixture is also from Wayfair Canada and you can see a better picture here.
I haven't bought much from Wayfair Canada, but so far so good.  How about you, do you like shopping at Wayfair?


William Kendall said...

I like your choice.

My Piece of Earth said...

I have not done much shopping on the internet, I like to see in person what I am buying.
Love the lamp you have chosen the old one did look very heavy.
How is the painting coming along?
When we get to Winter, I will be stripping the wallpaper off our downstairs bathroom, painting the woodwork and Hubby wants new wallpaper, I would rather paint the walls.

Rose said...

I have had mixed results with wayfair...only bought from them a couple or three times. Got some sheets that I really like the feel of, but in no time at all they ripped. Almost like they were dryrotted. Had mixed results with curtains for the living room, too. They have a bld design that needs to flow across the panels. One set does real good, one not bad, and one is terrible. But I have just lived with them.

Jackie said...

Our son buys a great deal from Wayfair, but we have not purchased anything from there yet.

I really like the change in light fixture going down to the basement.

God bless.

sandi s said...

Both are very pretty! Hugs,

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