Tuesday, September 21, 2021

If this ladder could talk

 I think it would have a lot to say. This ladder belonged to my parents.  I "think" we may have borrowed it from them when we bought our first house in 1982.  So it has to be more than 40 years old.  Why we never gave it back to my parents, I have no idea.

If "Health and Safety" were to inspect it, it would be thrown in the bin.  It's a bit wobbly, and the legs leave a lot to desire.  As for the first step; you try not to stand on it!!

However, it's like a member of the family, it's my go too when I am decorating.  We have other ladders, but I have to use this one.

Do you have that something you can't bare to part with?


Angela said...

My bedroom chair. It's really a dining chair, and my mum bought it in 1967 so I could sit in my bedroom and do my homework. I'd just got a place at grammar school. It was an oddment, £2 in the furniture shop window. We were very poor but she knew I needed it. Mum was in poor health - so my brother, aged just 5 carried it most of the way home. It always reminds me of the loving family in which I grew up, and has been with me ever since I left home - it is very precious.

Joy said...

I have an old 'on the hob' coffee percolator that Mum and Dad gave to me when I went to college in 1970, saying it wouldn't last long because the glass lid kept breaking and there were no longer any replacement lids to be had.
Well, I still have it and it still makes jolly good coffee. I just couldn't get rid of it for anything.

mamasmercantile said...

Wooden ladders like those are sold as vintage these days and very desirable.

angela said...

That is one very old ladder
I wouldn’t climb on it anymore not on your own anyway
Maybe give it a sand and paint then use it as a shelf
Some pics of your parents maybe
That way no one ends up in the emergency room but you don’t part with an old friend

William Kendall said...

It reminds me of one my dad had.

Karen said...

We had a ladder that looked much the same. Someone borrowed it and it never came back.

Jackie said...

I have a wooden TV table that I will use to sew in the living room if I am watching television but want to sew (at least I can listen to it or watch while pinning). It's a bit wobbly, but I still use it.

God bless.

Rose said...

All I can think of right now is I have the 'funnel' my mom used when canning. It is aluminum an beat up some but I would not take money for it. Though I don't can now, I did use it when I did.

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