Friday, September 10, 2021

Crazy Lamp Lady

I have discovered this lovely lady on Facebook and Youtube.  She buys things at thrift stores and antique stores and then resells them for a profit.

I would love to do what she does, however it's not something I will be doing, so I watch her video's daily, and cheer her on from the sidelines!!

Do you have someone who you love to watch on Youtube or Facebook?

Still busy painting, so a shorter post today.


angela said...

I love to watch Bailey sarian she does a makeup and murder mystery where she talks about a murder case while she puts on her makeup. She has also started a dark history podcast and YouTube
She’s really good and has helped me cope with lockdowns

Angela said...

My two favourite YouTube channels are Minimalist Mom, and Joshua Becker - they are definitely helping me declutter in a positive way. My daughter likes Mrs Hinch the cleaner

William Kendall said...

That does take work.

Karen said...

I watch a number of acrylic art lessons on YouTube. And Tiny House construction. I want one so bad!

Rose said...

I love to watch Kate at The Last Homely House... you never know what she will be making.

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