Thursday, September 9, 2021



  1. "complete disorder and confusion."
That's how everything is at the moment in our home on the main floor.  I am busy decorating/painting the main floor.  We have discovered that we cannot do as much in one day as we used too.  So we painted the ceiling on Monday.  That about did us in.  Luckily, we neither smoke or cook a lot of greasy food, and neither did the people before us, so it only took the one coat.

Due to my hands being bad, I am splitting up the rest of the painting so I do a bit at a time.  I don't like the house being so messy, but what else can you do?  I am using Sico Muse paint, which is on sale until September 22nd.  It is still $52 per gallon which is still expensive if you ask me.  We have one feature wall, which will be the Grey Fin; that actually looks more green with a grey undertone.  The rest will be the Avocado Cream Colour.  If you click here and here, you can see the actual colours on the website.
Our main floor is all open concept.
Dh has made a moveable platform, so we can paint above the stairs that go down to the basement.
This is the kitchen end of the main floor.

It's a big job, but when done it will be well worth it.


Winifred said...

It's a really big job but will look great when you're finished Gill. I love those colours.

Great idea that platform, we could do with something like that instead of my husband balancing on a plank!

William Kendall said...

My dad for many years had a side job painting houses.

Rose said...

You mentioned the people that lived there before you...I swear I thought you guys had moved to a home that was newly built. Am I crazy or what?

BTW, nice color choices.

Angela said...

Great platform! We bought paint eighteen months ago for our lounge- the cans are still hidden behind the sofa!

Joy said...

That's a very clever platform - genius!

My Piece of Earth said...

You have a big job ahead of you but will look great when it's done. I hate the mess when decorating. Love the colours.
We need to do our bathroom in the basement, it is dire need of some decorating.

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