Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Centennial Park

We had the girls overnight over the weekend.  We took them to a local park as we had never been there before.  It turned out to have the nicest playground I had seen in a long while.

Not only was there a large play set, there was one for the younger children.
They also had a Nature Hunt.
You had to find all these themed plaques around the play structure.
Here the girls are pointing to the bear one.  They were pretty hard to see and find.
They had a great rock climbing wall.  The ground was covered in wood chips.
The domed structure had picnic tables in it.  The building to the right was bathrooms; perfect when you have young children with you and grandparents with pea sized bladders!!  To the left of the photo was a large pond and some trails.  We weren't dressed to go walking the trails; plus the sun was hot.

They also have an enclosed off leash dog park.  All in all a pretty good place to visit.


Joy said...

It looks brilliant, very well cared for and all mod cons - well, loos anyway. Most essential. xx

Winifred said...

That looks a great park. Maybe we'll see them climbing at the Olympics before too long!

angela said...

Looks like an excellent way to pass the day
My kids used to love the rock climbing when they were young

William Kendall said...

Where were playgrounds like that when I was a kid?

Margie from Toronto said...

A lovely spot! I live close to High Park in Toronto and there is an amazing playground just inside the Bloor St. entrance! It is huge and full of all kinds of interesting equipment. Also lots of benches for parents and grandparents with a coffee shop and bathrooms close by!

Rose said...

That looks like a great park for kids...I know about the pee sized bladder all too well.

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