Monday, September 6, 2021

Another project we did this year

We had a sprinkler system installed in the Spring.  This project was "booked" last September as the company we used was that busy.  Also by the time we got them in to give us a quote it was already September and it didn't seem worthwhile for them to try to "squeeze" us in before the bad weather hit.

We used a well known company to our area.  I will not be naming them as despite them doing a great installation job, their customer service is painful.  It's a family company and paper work, answering their phones and texts are low on their list of priorities.  Again though the product they sell, the way they work cannot be faulted; they are hard workers.

We wanted sprinklers installed as we live on a corner lot and have a lot of grass.  It is too much to water by hand and the summer's are getting hotter and hotter.  They installed a Toro Evolution system and they put in six zones.  Each zone runs from between 5 minutes up to 20 minutes per zone.  Between us and our neighbours house is one zone that only runs for 5 minutes as it never gets a lot of sun.  Whereas where the sun hits the most it runs 20 minutes per zone.

You can run it from your smart phone, but that is way too advanced for me😉

It's normally set to come on every other day, but we over ride it and water only when needed.  They also installed a rain sensor, and it does actually work...LOL  I am one of those people that doesn't trust those sort of things!
They put 250 feet of drip irrigation in my flower beds.  They said for the 20 minutes it is on, it uses only 1 1/2 gallons of water.  I have to top up my mulch on my flower beds to cover it all.

I just got my water bill again, and it's working out to around $100 a month to run this.  We will probably be running the sprinklers between mid-May until mid-September I think, so probably four to five months and will work out to about $500 extra per year.

Is it worth it?  We like nice grass.  We do not have nice grass, but with the weed and feed lawn service we pay for and the extra watering we are doing, our grass is starting to look a bit better.  It doesn't help we have a park across the road and the city does not use chemicals on their parks.  So all the dandelion seeds blow over to us.

This is not the first house where we have had a sprinkler system.  This was the first time we had one installed though.  Dh and dd installed the other two systems we had.  It was nice for dh to come home from work and the sprinkler system was all ready to go.

So that was another project crossed off our list.


William Kendall said...

I can see that getting complicated fast.

Winifred said...

My that is expensive. Some folks here have had that artificial grass installed. It always looks lovely and saves a lot of work I suppose but you still have to "hoover" it and you don't get that lovely smell after the lawn is cut. I bet it isn't nice to walk on in your bare feet either.

It's years since we used a sprinkler and I haven't seen anyone else using one either. Here in the North of England as you know we don't get too many scorching days so it's rare for the lawn to go too yellow. Well scorching for me is anything near 25C and anyway the grass just grows back.

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