Friday, September 21, 2012

Home of the week and some blog/site links you may enjoy........

I am confused by this weeks "Home of the Week."  On one hand it's a lovely house, but what has happened to the soul of it?  All painted white I'm guessing?  I do love the wallpaper on the stairs though and think that's a great idea; half wood and half wall paper.  Flipping expensive though?

I wish I had the $2.7 million to pay for this week's "Cottage of the Week."  Granted it's a bit big, well a lot big, but it would be a fun place to have the kids and grand kids over.  The one thing I would do though is get rid of the carpets in the kitchen, not a fan of those.  However do love those huge wide floor boards throughout the property.  Even the pirate ship is neat.

Well once again another property, this time a condo, where the owner is allergic to colour!!  At $950,000 this is one pricey "Condo of the Week."  Will say that is a nice terrace and great views.  Otherwise, I will pass!!

If you're looking for a different type of salad, this lady has a lot to choose from:

Lots of great links and yummy recipes here:

Go to the gallery of this one to see some cute (but expensive) things

Thinking about surprising dh with a meal at this place:

I am dying to buy some of this shortbread.


Cash Only Living said...

Holy cow that's a big cottage! Before I hit the link I was thinking cottage = small and quaint! Very nice though!

Jane and Chris said...

Don't like the house of the week..the cottage is a mish mash of styles that just looks ugly (in my humble opinion)...I think the tartan style carpet was pinched from a run down pub in Glasgow!
Jane x

Rose said...

I think that is my favorite cottage ever.

Anonymous said...

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