Monday, September 10, 2012

I was really happy on Sunday

why?  Well dh and I managed to get some more jobs done in the basement, which was good.  My goal is to have the basement completely finished by whether that happens remains to be seen, as I can see it costing another $1,000 to finish.

Also another reason was that as dh pointed out, my new cleaning tool is working a charm.  On Saturday I purchased this steam cleaner:
As part of the package I got the mini cleaner and a pack of three pads for free:
I am really pleased with how they work.  They clean using water and steam, so no chemicals which is a good thing.  The large machine I used to clean floors and carpets, that's what the green thing is on the first photo, you attach that when you want to clean the carpets.  I also took off the handle and used the large machine to clean the shower.

The smaller machine I used in the bathroom, in the shower to clean in places where the big machine wouldn't go.  Mind you with all that steam I also gave myself a facial as well!!!  Will say that smaller machine is not for the faint of heart, as you have to be careful with it, as that steam is hot.  I will be keeping the smaller machine in my bathroom, and the larger one downstairs to be used mainly on the floors and rugs.

Now I have to say I was in two minds about posting these next two photos, as it looks as though I never clean and live in a pig sty.  However on the plus side, it does show you these steam cleaners do work.

The first photo shows the pad after I had cleaned the downstairs floors and a couple of rugs:
Now if you thought that was bad, this one was after I had cleaned the shower, the upstairs floors and the stairs:
I'm telling you I was shocked as well.  I am going to steam the fireplace stones and see what happens there, as that is no doubt filthy as well.  

Anyhow, what I do know is that the machine does do its job and I am happy with it so far.


Kaisievic said...

Looks like a really useful device. Have fun using it.

Crazy Acres Rose said...

Gill.. did you buy these online? I've been looking for them, but so far have only found them online.. Canadian Tire does sell something similar, but I'm always leary at buying there as I've never really had long lasting quality items from them.

Gill - That British Woman said...

we got them at the Barrie Home show at the garden centre. I am guessing that he will be at the actual Barrie Home Show in a couple of weeks. I paid $169.50 for everything, so it wasn't cheap, but well worth the money I think.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Wonder if these could be used on laminate floors.

Gill - That British Woman said...

yes they can Cindy, no problem with any flooring, as it doesn't leave them wet only damp and it dries up really fast.

Crazy Acres Rose said...

you got a great deal! just the big steamer alone (online) is around $150 (Canadian)

thanks for responding so quickly ... I just may take a drive over to the Barrie Home Show in a couple of weeks :D


Linda said...

I got a steam cleaner for the floors a few months ago. It is fun to use and really does get the dirt up.

Jane and Chris said...

I tried a smaller one from Canadian Tire..think it was called 'Shark' or something like that. I took it back...sodding useless! This one looks great..could you do a linky thing to a website for us?
Jane x

Janet said...

I got the same one at the Toronto Home Show a couple years ago and love it ! It does a great job on the floors - not so great on the carpets though. The hand held piece wasn't available at the time I got mine.

Karine said...

Yikes!!! I wonder how they would come out on my floors with my two cats and their litter box dust in the house! It looks like a very handy machine!

Rose said...

Very interesting...hope you continue to like it as well as you do now. Might be a wise investment for some of the rest of us.

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