Monday, September 17, 2012

No idea what to post about?

So I'll start writing and no doubt my fingers will type something?

Picked up my sari on Saturday for the Indian baby shower, which should be happening over Thanksgiving weekend......though not confirmed.  Will say it is very nice and luckily it was too long for me, so I have had to hitch it up, which hides more of my extra bits around my middle!!!!

The child/idiot proof way of attaching Velcro and hooks, works a charm as I can sort of put it on without any help.  Mind you I do have to wear my glasses, so I can see where the slots are to put the hooks.  "R" was also very happy with the way Reeka made the tops, and "R" is pretty fussy.

Poor "R" had some "bad" news at the doctors when they told her the baby is very small for the gestation period, and she will deliver a small baby, probably no more than six pounds, and she has to go see a dietitian.  She is 22 weeks and has only put on 10 lbs, and is barely showing at all. 

Now as I pointed out, would you rather try and push out a 10 lb baby naturally or a 6 lb baby?  Me personally a 6 pounder would suit me fine.  Also the more weight you put on the more you have to try and get rid off after the baby is born.

Here I am, dd is coming up 27 years of age and I'm still trying to lose the baby weight from when I had her!!!!  Incidentally, ds was only 6lbs 10 oz and I was the size of a beached whale.........I must had been carrying a lot of water with him.......yep that's the reason.

Dh is on vacation again this week, so today we are going to clean out the garage....something everyone should do when on vacation, right?  It's getting to the point that I should start parking my car in the garage, and at this moment, I'm having trouble getting my tractor in there for the mess.  So I will try and remember to take before and after photos.

Not sure what else we are going to do, as the weather is a bit iffy this week.

Hope you all have a good week.........and is it just me, or do you think this month is flying by?


Scarlet said...

I hope your friend isn't worrying too much about the size of her baby - the doctors aren't always right.I was told that K was going to be a small baby - I was scanned every week for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. She was born weighing 8lbs 4.5 ounces! I gained 22 pounds altogether with that pregnancy. My Dad died when I was pregnant with KL - I didn't even gain any weight with her until I was more than 20 weeks pregnant and she was born weighing 7lbs 13 ounces.

Kaisievic said...

This month is flying! Enjoy your garage cleaning!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Good point about baby sizes! Mine were both on the small side -- 7 lb. 2 oz., and 6 lb. 12 ozs. and I was ok with that! I didn't gain much with the first, too much with the second so it all evens out! Garage cleaning is something we need to get on to quickly before the weather really changes on us. I absolutely hate going out and getting in a really cold car -- or a really hot car. The sari sounds lovely -- pics?

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Nothing wrong with a 6 lb baby at all. The weather here shows nice only for today & rain all week long. Yes the month is flying, and I am certain it is because I am behind on the bookkeeping again ! Dang it all, add another week to this month will ya?

Jane and Chris said...

I was 7lb 2oz and I grew up OK (didn't I , Gill???).My Mum never put on baby weight fact she didn't look pregnant at all.
Chris spent the whole weekend plumbing in the dishwasher and fridge freezer...nothing is ever easy in this house and none of the fitting bits came with the appliances.
Jane x

Rose said...

Oh, THAT is where all my fat came from!!!! haha

Lena said...

She's barely over a half mark in her pregnancy! Plenty of time to gain more than she would ever want to. I think I started gaining at around 18 weeks. Tell her not to worry too much!

50 and counting said...

Hmpf. Six weeks before my due date with my last chid, they told me he was small and would be around 7lbs. I was overjoyed, my first was 8.5lbs.

Flash forward to THE day. 10.5lbs. Yup, that was my small baby. He was a tall, slender boy. He's now a medium height, slender man.

Did you do the chocolate promote at SDM?

Evelyn said...

my youngest was 6 pounds 10 ioz, oldest 7 pounds 1 oz, I was only 6 pounds 13. nothing wrong with a small baby, gained more with the second too

Evelyn said...

and look forward to seeing the sari!

~Carla~ said...

My girls were each barely 5lbs and I put on less than 15lbs with each one.. She has plenty of time to put on more weight! :) Even if she adds another 10lbs that would be great!

Winifred said...

They told me the same that my daughter was small & would be about 5 lbs & she was over 7 lbs. I wasn't putting any weight on in the last few weeks according to the scales. What's wrong with a 6lb baby?