Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gangnam Style?

I have just got on the Gangnam Style bandwagon after watching him on Ellen the other week.  I wish I could remember the exact conversation I had with dd about it.

It sort of went:

Me: it's called what?

DD: Psy Gangnam Style

Me: gang what

DD: Gangnam

Me: gang who?

It went on for another couple of minutes before I actually got it, then I was saying GANG- NAM too slowly.  Poor dd I think she is finally realizing her mother is getting old and senile!!!!

I read Daily Mail Uk every day online and there was a story about Lisa Marie Presley and how she helped out in a local chip van.  What cracked me up was the comment from the woman who owned the chip van, who was asked if she would employ Lisa Marie:

Asked if she would employ Lisa Marie, Mrs Scales joked to MailOnline: 'No way! She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed.'

It's been years since I have heard that expression "cack handed."  It means she was all thumbs, or very un-coordinated.

I finally gave in on Saturday and spent $3.49 on this:

Money well spent in my humble opinion!!!


stitchersanon said...

HI Gill...let me know you got this xx It is
Sorry, I forgot all about it, was too busy feeling sorry for myself with my cold. Ironic: flew through chemo but hate, HATE, having a cold lol

Jane and Chris said...

Cack handed I get...because I am...but this ganggang gooley..what are you talking about , woman?!!!
Jane xx

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Ha ! I just seen him on Entertainment Tonight this week. He is represented by the same dude who made Justin Bieber.

Unknown said...

I use that expression all the time.

Sft x

Rose said...

Hey, I have had conversations like that with my kids, too...also remember husband's Grammy having one with young pastor at our church. Would give anything if I could remember the exact words cause it was hilarious...but because she was hard of hearing and couldn't understand.

Wanted to let you know that the DVD came today...might be a few days before I get to watch it. and I wanted to say thanks again.

We just had our granddaughter for 3 days and nights and I am wiped out.


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