Thursday, September 20, 2012

A day heavy!!!!

We had a trip to Erin, Ontario on Wednesday as it wasn't raining and it had been years since I was there.  Now will say don't go by what your GPS says, as it took us to Hillsburgh, Ontario?  Took us ages to flipping well find Erin, as there were a couple of closed roads.  Plus we were driving towards that huge cloud.

Looked a bit brighter to the west, but we weren't going in that direction!!!
We finally found Erin, and this is a shot of the main street.  Typical small town Ontario, very pretty.
After we left a store called What's Cookin'(where the tin man is in the photo) a lady ran out and asked me if I had a blog.  It turned out to be Elizabeth over at Kitty Cafe  I will admit I was stunned for a couple of minutes, that someone would recognize me, but I should have taken a photo of dh's face, as his face was a picture of not sure what on earth was going on...LOL

Anyway Elizabeth thank you for stopping me in the street and I encourage everyone to pop by her blog and say hello.

We stopped for lunch in Tintagels Tea Room, which is a British style restaurant.  Dh even took a photo of me waiting for our meal.

The green lamp on our table was a period piece and this photo does not do it justice, I loved it.  We also liked the badger picture, but at $190 it was a bit pricey for us!!
I ordered a Ploughman's Lunch, minus the Branston Pickle and the celery sticks, along with a pot of tea.  Didn't eat the carrot sticks or the dill pickles either, and dh had the roll with two pieces of cheese as he was hungry.  The egg was pickled, and it tasted horrible, which surprised me as I always loved picked eggs?
Dh had a ham and Swiss cheese quiche with a slice of bread, organic greens, with some weird looking dressing on the top of it, and a coffee.
While I was paying the bill ($34) I noticed the really neat tea urn.  I had never seen one like it before and the lady said they had only had it a couple of weeks.

Further up the Main street is Holtom's Bakery.  Honestly where do you start to make your choices?
We purchased two strawberry and rhubarb tart, two peach tarts, a pumpkin tart, a raspberry tart and seven scones.  Should have been six but she popped an extra one in for us.  All in all well worth the $9.10 we paid for them.  That's the best pastry I have eaten in an awful long time.

Further up the road is Beaver Mills Design.  Now this is a rotten photo, but the table in the window was stunning.

They are a design studio and antique dealer.  The lady was tidying up this tapestry cushion cover which was gorgeous, again my photo does not do it justice at all.  Should say the edging on the cover was no where  near as old as the centre panel.
This is what caught my eye though a full wall of shelves full of Farrow and Ball paints.  A paint lovers paradise.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!

I would added more links to the place but honestly I was surprised at how many companies don't have web sites.

When we got home we did a couple more preparing for Winter chores done.  Putting the tarps over the winter wood, so it'll be nice and dry when we put the fire on.  Also putting a tarp on the back of the garage roof, as it is raining in, and is a must do job for next Spring, when we have burned all the wood.  Also as it's going to cost around $2,500 to do it, I need to save up the money first.

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Elizabeth said...

Very interesting to see things through someone else's eyes. Btw, the kitchen store is called What's Cookin.
That weird looking pink dressing at the tea room is delicious and a well guarded secret around here! I always get an eccles cake for dessert (my favourite)
Glad you enjoyed your day out.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

I have to get to Erin one day to visit the girls who bought one of my pups this Spring. I think I would maybe go directly to the Bakeshop & bypass the Ploughman's lunch. Nice day out for you & DH.

EG CameraGirl said...

I don't think I have ever been to Erin. Looks like a neat place to explore. Thanks for the warning about the pickled eggs, though. :))

Rose said...

Boy, this sounds like a wonderful makes me want to get ready and go for a drive.

Also love that the lady recognized you from your blog!

megan blogs said...

Oh, those tarts look divine!

Crazy Acres Rose said...

my daughter lives in Erin.. such a great little town! I love that bakery, especially the aroma! as soon as you open the's heavenly!!!

thanks for the talking (and showing pictures) of your lunch.. it's always nice to hear reviews on places

that would have been funny, yet strange, to have someone introduce themselves out of the blue, because they recognize you from your blog

will stop over to Elizabeth's blog and say Hi from another one of your "followers" :D

~Carla~ said...

Love that you were recognized via your blog! Someone recognized my husband once from my blog too! lol! Great photos! You find such neat little shops! :)

John Going Gently said...

I love your expression!

Cash Only Living said...

Great pictures! I've never been to Ontario but I want to go!!!!

Erica said...

Looks like you had such a lovely day!
That's the kind of day we all need once in a while!

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