Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rather embarrassing but funny all the same

I was in Collingwood on Tuesday with dh and we were walking down the main street.  There is a Tim Horton's coffee shop there and the blinds were pulled down quite a bit as the sun must have been shining on the patrons.

At the bottom of one blind we could see a guy sitting there and we saw this:

he wasn't a plumber though!!!  Both me and dh were laughing at this, and I decided the people who read my blog would just love a photo of this!!!!  Unbeknown to me though, the people sitting on the opposite side of this guys table could see us and figured out what we were laughing about, as the next thing I know the guy is standing up and adjusting himself.

Me, well I walked on sharpish just in case he wanted a word!!!!

Then on Wednesday, when we were driving out of a Tim Hortons parking lot.......yes, I should have shares in Tim Hortons at the moment!!!  I saw this person wearing a very short denim skirt with their back to me.  I immediately noticed their legs and how odd and muscular they were.

So I said to dh, "those are weird legs."

At that point this person turned around, and before I knew what I was saying, I said

"and they have a weird face to match!!"

Dh told me off for being cruel while he was laughing, but even he had to admit, they wouldn't have needed much make up for Halloween. 

Now if you have noticed I have not said he or she, have I?  I initially thought this person was a female, as yes the person was wearing a short denim skirt, but in all honesty, when I saw the face I had my doubts.........

Now Jane will not be at all shocked by either of these stories as I seem to attract or find the strangest of people.  However honestly these are true stories............wonder who I will meet on Thursday when we go to the market at St. Jacobs??


Kaisievic said...

Oh, you do make me laugh! How are you Gill?

Jane and Chris said...

Gill, whenever I'm with you is an experience!!
(Love you, really)
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Have fun with the odd persons at the St. Jacob's Market !

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Have fun with the odd persons at the St. Jacob's Market !

Boopnut said...

Keep going to Tim Hortons once a week for a belly laugh!

Rose said...

Oh, this is least you didn't have a child with you pointing and making LOUD comments as they sometimes do. I remember being in the mall and my 3 year old pointing and saying loudly...LOOK HOW FAT SHE IS....and honestly, we never really made comments about people like that so had no idea why she commented.

Stella Jones said...

Yep sometimes you just can't help but stare a little. I've seen several women who look like men dressed up. Each to his own but it does look odd.

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