Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds and ends.....

Today would have been my Nana's 99th birthday if she was still alive......... I wrote about my Nana and Pop here  If you have a minute read that post I think it's worth while.

Dh is back at the hospital today to see the surgeon and to get his TWO stitches removed,  You would think he was getting TWO HUNDRED stitches removed the way he was going on the other night!!!  As I pointed out, he was being a drama queen.  He said I had no sympathy........well duh.....he's only getting two flipping stitches removed.  I had ten stitches in the one hand and six in the other and did I get any sympathy from him......heck no!!!!

So please think of me around 10:30 a.m.............actually it will probably be around 12 noon before we get to see the surgeon.  I am going along as I want him to make arrangements for a MRI on his other knee, as we want to know ahead of the game and try and prevent this happening to his "good"' knee.  If you hear of a British born woman murdering her dh because he wouldn't stop whining.........there's a good chance you'll know who that woman is!!!!

It's been too stinking hot and humid around here for me these past few days. Anyhow on Sunday I decided to cut the field as it was getting long again.  I have to say it's been a good summer as far as grass cutting goes.  I missed a month of grass cutting due to it being so flipping hot and the grass not growing.

Bathed Molly on Sunday morning; gave me the evil eye for the rest of the day!!!  I don't understand why she just doesn't accept the situation.  She has to have a bath, I am bigger than her, so I win not her?  Her skin feels nice and soft now.  Jane and Chris rescued this dog (Duncan) last week.  We were going to go and see him, but I don't really want a dog that is only a year old.

Cindy gave me some beets and a cucumber the other day.  So for lunch on Sunday we had cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  I love cheese sandwiches; though I think it's a toss up between cheese and red onion or cheese and tomatoes fresh from the garden sandwiches.

My dad used to take cheese and jam sandwiches in his bait/lunch and my mam said the other day she was having cheese and chutney sandwiches for her lunch.  I dislike both those types.  Do you like cheese sandwiches and do you add something to them or just eat them plain?


Jane and Chris said...

Thanks for 'bigging up' (as JG would say)Duncan. He really is the sweetest little boy, and deserves a loving home...let's hope someone falls in love with him.
Jane x

Buttons Thoughts said...

Happy Birthday Nana wow 99 keep up the good work:)
You are such a busy person and bathing the dog sounds like fun:) B

Jackie McGuinness said...

I was looking at your cake plates and I think the first one is Lavender Rose royal Albert pattern????

Unknown said...

Hi Gill,

Loved reading about your Nana and Pops. What a beautiful wedding photo-to cherish for sure. Didn't people work hard in those days. I'm sure you'll be thinking of your Nana today.

Hope your DH did ok.

I like plain cheese, cheese and cucumber or cheese with branston pickle.


Have a great weekend.

Sft xxx

Joolz said...

Cheese and sweet gherkins in a sandwich or on crackers ...

DeniseinVA said...

How lovely that you have something of your grandparents. Enjoyed reading this post as always. I like cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches, cheese and tomato, and sometimes just plain cheese. I hope Jane and Chris find a nice person to adopt their rescue dog.

Rose said...

I do like cheese sandwiches...usually plain, and I want iced tea/no sugar to drink. Funny how we all have our little quirks.

My boss ate peanut butter and tomato sandwiches...I could not hardly stand to look at them, much less eat one.