Friday, August 24, 2012

Home of the week.........

I had such high hopes for this week's "Home of the Week," when I saw the first couple of photos, but then it went downhill fast.  Granted I could never afford the $1.8 million price tag, but why oh why did they make it so modern inside?  It's a Victorian house for crying out loud and barely a sign of the original features to be had.  Love the stair details despite them all being painted white.  It is certainly a bright, light house.

Finally a "Cottage of the Week," that looks like a cottage and has the feel of the cottage.  On the downside though is the price, a whopping $1.6 million.  If I could afford it I would take it in a heart beat and probably wouldn't change a thing.  It looks comfortable and relaxing..........just can't get over the price though?

The "
Condo of the Week," I can live without.  I love the roof terrace and the area it is located, but that's about it.  The price tag of $785,000 seems a bit steep but I guess that's to do with the area.  One thing for sure there isn't a lot of clutter to dust around?

As most of you know dd and son-in-law bought their first house and moved in a couple of weeks ago.  They have been super busy with renovations and dd has turned out to be a natural at using power tools and turning her hand to any and every job in the house.  Albeit with lots of phone calls to her dad for advise.

In their front hall/foyer they had this alcove which was a waste of space so dd made this seat area.    She built the frame, drywalled the front, put wood on the top painted and trimmed it all.  I got the seat cushion and one pillow custom made for her as part of her house warming gift.  She picked the material up at a Fabricland that was closing near where she used to live and probably paid $30 for it all and there is enough left to make a roman blind for her kitchen window (she's making it herself.)  She bought the grey coloured cushion herself and the shelf is from Ikea.  The photo frames will have photos of building's from a trip to New York (back and white).

The colours are not what they appear in the photo.  The walls are a light brown/beige.  The material on the seat is a lot paler and the cushions are paler and no where near as shiny.  However what a great use of an area.  She decided not to use that as storage underneath the cushion as they have a double and a single closet in the hallway.


Jane and Chris said...

Knowing where the house of the week is...the pool is a joke.The cottage is lovely (not keen on downstairs but 'hey,ho' you can't have everything!)
Jane x
Ps Well done DD

Unknown said...

Always enjoy your 'homes of the week'.

I am feeling very excited about the baby shower-those guests will be so thrilled, getting their very own vintage afternoon tea gift.

Sft x

peppylady (Dora) said...

Once in while I'll look at real estate in our local paper...I have no desire or need to move. But One can get ideal from real estate magazine.

Coffee is on.

Rose said...

I love what your dd did with that to the Condo of the week...I would feel like I was in an office somewhere...just didn't care for it at all. I could live with the cottage for sure.