Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A real tonic and other things

As you know my step-father has been in hospital after having open heart surgery and then having a stroke.

My nephew who is around 8 or 9, I can never remember has been visiting him with his parents.  Here are some of the things he has said or done.

John:  Pop you are really, really lucky to have a bed like that, I would like one.........the hospital bed.

John: That's a really cool cane

John: I "borrowed" this flower, so you can roll it between your fingers so you can do your exercises.

John: Pop, is your heart better.

Pop: yes it's fine

John then goes to give him a big hug, as prior to that he was hugging him on his shoulder.

The other day they brought him some strawberries to eat.  Pop was having trouble getting the last few from the dish, so Nana told John to feed them to Pop using a spoon.

John gets the spoon with strawberries on it and makes an airplane noise and "flies" the spoon to Pop's mouth.  Everyone is laughing at this point, including Pop.

John: What, my mam used to do that to make me eat!!!

Nana, John's Mam and John went to the hospital the other day and where they parked was a bit iffy and the adults were worried they may get a parking ticket.  So they were talking about it, and said to John, they hoped not as they could end up in jail.

John: Don't worry Nana, you get porridge in jail................. I guess that's a good thing in John's books???

As I said to John's mother he's a real tonic as you never know what he is going to say next!!

I got an email from Crate and Barrelng a few things including this "Poppy" print.

Does that not look like a Tulip to you? Or am I misunderstanding something?

I posted another book review yesterday here.


Fran said...

How lovely, I have just got to work and read this and it has made my day! Good to hear that Pop is making a good recovery. Yep it is a tulip, perhaps we are not looking at it from an artistic perspective!!!!!

Jane and Chris said...

It looks like a parrot tulip to me!
Your nephew IS funny...great medicine.
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

"Out of the Mouths of Babes". He must have made Pop feel good...lol. It does look like a tulip, however could be a poppy which just hasn't opened yet is what I suspect it is.

Rose said...

Oh, goodness, sitting here with tears in my eyes...kids are wonderful. Love that feeding Pop making airplane noises!

Last night got a text from my daughter...Lorelei was on the potty and Sarah walked out of the bathroom only to hear Lorelei say, "You old woman, you are supposed to help me!" We have no idea where she heard that...I suppose she meant help her get down, etc.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Kids are the greatest at making adults forget the hard things in life. We should all take a lesson in that.
Laughter is the best medicine Pop is lucky to have him. Hope all is well soon.
That does not look like a poppy. B