Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day out and grocery shopping

On Thursday I met Cindy in Meaford as she had found me three cake stands.  Meaford is more or less a half way point for us to meet.  We also met up with Cindy's friend from the VON Lotte, she lives in Meaford.  We had a good time, although I did forget my camera, so if you want to see photos, you will need to pop over to Cindy's to see them.  Next time we meet up it will be in Thornbury, as there is a little more for me in Thornbury (sorry Lotte!)

Here are the photos of the three cake stands, I paid $5 each for them and they are lovely, thank you Cindy for thinking of me!!

I think this one is the oldest of the three:
This is another three tier one:
Finally a two tier one:

I went grocery shopping on Friday morning and No Frills was my store of choice, as it had onions, carrots and broccoli on sale.  I took the Zehrs flyer and price matched the cling/plastic wrap, the aluminum foil, the bleach and the bologna from there.   I spent $45.40 and had savings of  over $11.  So all in all my monthly total spent is $254.78 and monthly savings are $64.94.  I am still on target to only spend $300, but it will be tight with only $45.22 left in the budget.

I picked up a couple of reduced steaks which came to $2.20 each.  Now as you know at that price they will be as tough as old boots.  I marinade them in one part honey, one part brown sugar and two parts soya sauce.  Turns out great and I generally cook them on the bbq on a medium to high heat for 7 minutes per side.  That is medium to well done and the cow will have stopped mooing at that point!!  Dh does not like to see any blood at all on his meat.

I posted another book review yesterday here.


Debby said...

What pretty dishes, your party is going to be wonderful. Don't you just love getting a deal at the grocery store!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

That one too I had thought to be the oldest. Thornbury sounds like a bit more fun then Meaford in what we might be interested in. One does not know unless one goes we did with Meaford.

Jane and Chris said...

The cakestands are great, and the prices were excellent!
Jane x

Sugar__Mama said...

oh, i love those cake stands! i am on the hunt for some myself but have not found any yet.

~Carla~ said...

Oh, I'm jealous!! I'd love to meet both you & Cindy someday!! :) Great finds & a steal at $5.00 each!! :) Thanks for sharing your marinade recipe... I have a steak I could use it for hubby.

Lena said...

Oh, these are darling!!

chksnowqueen said...

These are lovely Gill. You have been so lucky finding porcelain treasures at great prices. I too enjoy such treasure hunting from time to time and can appreciate the thrill of finding pretty things of quality.

Cash Only Living said...

Wow those are beautiful cake stands! I wish I could find of them at the thrift stores we go to, especially at those prices!

Unknown said...

very nice and thanks for sharing this.