Thursday, May 28, 2009

Odds and Ends.......

Well on Wednesday it rained all day, and you know what it was nice. It made a change not having to go outside in the garden. I was able to get on with a couple of jobs inside of the house. One job I managed to get done was strip some of the ceiling lights and give them a good clean and get rid of all the dead flies.

One of the fixtures I cleaned was the ceiling fan in the kitchen. And what a surprise I got I thought the light shades were brown..........after washing them they are white sand blasted glass!!! Yes, that is how dirty they were. Now dh is going to take it all to bits and take the whole thing down for me to give it a super good clean, but hasn't had time. So I gave it the best clean I could. It's a really nice fan, though the guy has installed it incorrectly and as I told dh, we cannot have the fan on, until dh has installed it properly. Here is a couple of photos of the fan.

Now above the two front window's and the above the front door is the original glass that was probably installed in the house when it was built. I washed the glass today and the glass in the kitchen area was black. I have no idea how anyone could let anything get so dirty? The walls by the way in the kitchen/dining room are not pink, but a dirty white, it was just the way I took the photo.

We seem to have one resident red squirrel in our yard. No idea if he/she lives on their own, or it has a little family in the woods. Anyhow I was watching it go across the lawn, and the starlings were attacking it. No idea why they were doing that, do you have any idea? All the birds were wandering around the yard today, they obviously like the wet weather? I have located a few nests around the property including a robins nest, not too far from the patio doors. I will have to take some photos of it.

I had a couple of "whatever" moments again on Wednesday. We had gas heating at our last house, so I knew I would have a bill for the last reading from the gas company. Anyhow, it hadn't arrived, so I called them to see what's what, and they said it was mailed on May 8th. I obviously hadn't received it, and said so, so the lady said she would mail me a duplicate and by the way, it's due on the 28th of May! So I say, that's all well and good but I don't have the bill so how can I pay it. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, she told me the amount that was due and after that I will have to pay a late charge fee. I told her no way was I paying a late charge fee, and to make a note of that on my account. She said she had done that, we'll see. I felt I was being a good customer in enquiring where my bill was, and all they want to do is charge me an extra fee!

Called Sears about my dripping water dispenser, and the guy was as puzzled as I was, as to what I should do. Sent a note to whom ever and they are supposed to call me......I'll believe that when it happens!!

Called Health Canada about my lack of address and the guy told me they often have this problem with new sub divisions. So I told him the house has been here since 1907, and it isn's a new sub division. He told me to fax my change of info over for me and dh. So dh faxing it at work today.

Haven't heard from either the roofing guy or the fireplace guy, so not sure what's going on there. I do believe they run on country time, not city time.........but I am only guessing on that?

I had to use the dryer today to dry some laundry, and would you believe it, it actually worked!!!! Its not an ideal situation though as the dryer is not vented outside, its just has its pipe in the old basement with a sock over the end.

The ants are back, well a couple of them, so I squirted powder on some cracks in the caulking on the window sill, I need to redo the caulking. I swear though I and wiping down the counter tops a couple of times a day and making sure there is no food left out, so not sure what to say.

So there you go a bit of this and a bit of that!!


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Was it only a few weeks ago you said there wasn't much going on in your life and you were short of topics to talk about ??!!
Don't suppose that money tree has appeared yet - if this run of yours wasn't so awful it would be funny lol
Take care

stitchersanon said...

Leave soem slightly crushed garlic cloves where you think the ants are getting in. Trust me, it works. Also keeps countrified vampires away too ;-)

Scrappy quilter said...

When we moved to the country, we found most of the contractors worked on their own time. If that meant an hour for coffee break, so be it. We have 4 guys here, all with their own business. Had they lived in the city, they would have gone broke years ago. It's ridiculous!!

The squirrel might have been trying to get at the bird's nest. We have one that tries to get at the birdhouse hubby has on his workshop. It's just low enough though that when the squirrel gets on the roof, he isn't able to reach it.

I love the glass above the door. Beautiful.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Cathy, you're right I was saying I had nothing happening, and now it's a never ending saga!!! Thanks also Gaynor and Carol for your comments and suggestions.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I loved the bit about 'new subdivisions' and the age of your house! You make day-to-day life sound so interesting that I might start a diary-type blog myself.

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