Saturday, May 30, 2009

Country time - City time

I touched upon this the other day. These guys around here work on their own time frame, which turns out to be completely different to mine!!!

I finally got an answer about the fireplace, now granted there had been a family emergency, so that should be a go next week. I negotiated a 5% discount which I thought was fair, and it is money in my pocket!!

The roofing guys didn't show, they're coming on Monday, how did I know this, I had to call "K" to see what was going on!!! Not sure how long it is going to take to train "K" to make sure he calls me to keep me in the loop with these tradesmen!!!

I am also going through a period of where everything I touch I break. It is so frustrating its awful. Poor dh I think dreads coming home, as he has no idea what he has to mend this time. I managed to get a bolt tangled up in the lawn mower, I was so lucky I didn't ruin it. I screwed up the computer royally yesterday; still not sure its alright.

We have an old stone double sink in the basement, and my washer drains into that and then the water goes into a pump and its pumps it out to the septic. Well it was icky, so I clean it. Well that turns out to be the worse thing I could do, as I bunged up the sinks. Couldn't find the plungers, dh found them, and I have got the water draining away, very, very slowly. Does anyone have any suggestions on a drain cleaner, that won't harm the septic??

Finally it has been raining these past few days, so of course the grass is growing like crazy, so did get to cut a bit of it last night between the showers. We have friends coming over today, so sort of hoping "M" might like to be a gentleman farmer for a day and want to have a go on the lawn tractor...LOL

Have a good Saturday and Sunday, as my main computer is still playing up.


Unknown said...

We're on day 4 of rain here. Although the forecast is for sun this afternoon but then more rain tomorrow :( I'm pretty sick of it. Kids driving me crazy because they can't play outside.

We have the opposite grass problem. Our lawn is pathetic - mostly weeds. Our yard is so shady that grass doesn't seem to do well.

stitchersanon said...

you can get some bio-friendly cleaners which should help ...cant give you a name brand as they difer country to country, but ask in your hardware store, they should help you.
Dont even think about 'training' country time pepes...just gets their backs up and puts the bill up..cant change habits of a life time. Another 3 months and you will be the same as then, honest (as an ex-super efficient and organised teacher who now doesnt even know wht day it is half the time lol)...go with the flow and enjoy!

erin said...

oh my gosh gill...glad you didn't ruin the mower. have no clue what works with septics. perhaps a call to a local do it yourself store would get you a quick answer.
take care.

Patty said...

It's possible your septic needs cleaned out. Around here in this area, they have to do that every so often. Good luck getting everything done to your liking. It's almost impossible for anyone to get it done now a days. It seems most workmen are in a hurry and don't dot all their i's and have to come back the second and sometime third time to make it right. I always think to myself, if they had done it right the first time, it would save them in the long run..

Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh the trials of I looked at all the posts and I can't wait to see more pics of your house. I too like the glass above the windows and door very vintage.

grendelskin said...

Glad the mower survived the Bolt Incident - that is scary!

Try the baking-soda/vinegar or baking soda/boiling water trick for the drains - it should clear them without causing any damage.

Jess said...

Bless your heart...I was just fixing to say how proud i was that you were all settled in your new home, but based on your last few posts...things are a bit

Hope all is well and that things are better...try not to cut up anything for supper any time soon...knves mught be a tad bit dangerous at this point...LOL

Love, Jess

DeniseinVA said...

If it doesn't rain it pours right? And I'm not talking about the weather. Things just seem to come in one big clump of chaos. I have no advice on the septic I'm afraid but I know these things are going to sort themselves out. Keep your chin up and everything will be fine eventually, one day at a time. I agree with Jess. Stay away from the knives ;)

Rinkly Rimes said...

Did you move from the city to the country or have you a country background?

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe Gill I'm sorry things aren't going the way you want them too. Sometimes we need to count to 10 and relax.

As to country people working on country time...that's the way it is here. Hubby says if they worked in the city, they'd be out of work. However, having said that I think they have it RIGHT!! They have learnt to take it easy. They know the work is there and so they don't panic. They just GO WITH THE FLOW. You'll never change them, EVER. You just have to get use to them.


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