Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time does fly by when you're having fun!!!

Can you believe we have lived in this house now for just over a month? We moved in on May 1st, though actually took possession of the house on April 28th. Now as we live here day in day out, we don't notice things like others do. We had our dear neighbours from our old house up for supper yesterday and "R" had popped up on Mother's Day to give me a bunch of flowers, so she had been before albeit for 15 minutes at the most.

Anyhow, she was saying what a huge difference the way the place was looking to what it looked like back on May 10th. So that was actually quite encouraging, as it makes it worth while all the hard work we have put into the house so far.

It was great to have them over, as one it was lovely to see them and catch up with them. Two, "M" did get on the lawn tractor and cut some of the grass for an hour or so!! Three, they went to Paris for the long weekend two weeks ago, so I saw all their photos from there. "M" proposed again to "R" and gave her a gorgeous ring under the Eiffel Tower, romantic or what? By the way they are already married, just thought he would do it again. Dh got the evil eye when they were telling me that....LOL So dh said he had already got me a present, the LAWN TRACTOR.......gosh I am married to the most romantic person in the world, aren't I?

The hotel room they stayed in had a lovely canopied bed, and he had a dozen blood red roses delivered for "R". They are such a great couple, no kids yet, but not for the lack of me whining on to them to have kids, so that we can spoil them!! (If dd is reading this, be grateful that I am not whining on at you to have kids!!) In dd case, I am always harping on at her and "B" about when they are going to get married, I think they have just celebrated their 9th or 10th anniversary of being together!!

I am writing this Sunday morning, so my plan of action is to spend the day in the garden. I made a start yesterday on digging out some more of the veggie plot, but didn't get much done, so will have another go today. Plus more of the grass needs to be cut, no shock there, plus a hundred and one of jobs. Dh made a start on trimming the edges of the property with the brush cutter, as it is so long and thick. He is hurting badly at the moment. He went and hurt his shoulder when moving and he is still in agony with it, making it difficult to do most things. So I don't want him doing anything that involves lifting things above his head at the moment, so cutting the edges is actually a good job, as the machine has a shoulder strap on it, so its not heavy.

Well that's enough rambling on for one day!!!


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