Thursday, June 10, 2010

True Lovers Knot Quilt Block and more photos from downtown

It was raining on Wednesday.  I had visitors that popped in for a couple of hours, and so in the afternoon I decided to get the quilt blocks done for the block of the month club.  It's called True Lover's Knot this month and is really pretty, well at least I thought so.

I have to say though, when I Googled True Lover's Knot quilt block I couldn't find an exact match to this quilt block, so I have a feeling it may have another name?  Let me know the quilters out there.

There are still another three months to go for the block of the month club.  I should have nine made now.

I loved how this guy was sitting feeding the pigeons in front of city hall.

Another view of City Hall

Old City Hall, which is next door.

Reflection of Old City Hall clock in the modern glass building.

A very modern looking bicycle taxi.
I enjoy going downtown Toronto, as there is always so much to see.

Finally some words of wisdom:


Lori in South Dakota said...

bicycle taxi? I've never seen one quite like that. They don't use them in the snow do they? I imagine it would get chilly. I would love to have one, they sure look like they could be FUN!

LHA said...

That quilt block is lovely! I am going to try to replicate it soon, I think. I am going to make my mum a quilt for Xmas. If you know of any places I can find the pattern, that would be great!

MyBulletinBoard said...

The pigeon feeder seems to be on speaking terms with them.

Liz, The Republic

Sandra said...

Hey Gill, thank you for your comment. Please, do re-post the story or the link to it, you will make me a happy girl:) Isn't it heartwarming to see so much devotion?

Karine said...

Your quilting blocks are lovely Gill! The bottom one is my favorite.

My Sweetheart and I love going to City Hall too, we usually sit down there to have a snack and we always have a good giggle over the birds that come up to us begging for food!

Stephanie V said...

Those are lovely fabric choices in your quilt block. I think that block pattern is more commonly known as Bow Tie. Will you make a whole quilt from it eventually? Or a sampler quilt from the various blocks?

Stella Jones said...

That's a pretty block pattern. It looks a bit like a bow tie from one angle.
Blessings, Star

Rose said...

I see someone done told you the quilt block is the Bowtie Block...they are lovely blocks.

I like the reflections is a great shot. Also like the one above!

dreemquilter said...

I've been making several of traditional quilt blocks into chocolate and my research shows that when you use the dominant colors around the outside, creating a complete circle, it is then called a Lover's Knot. There's not alot of info on this, though. I believe I did see it in a quilting book somewhere. Your blocks are lovely bow ties! Happy sewing!