Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Half way through the month already....

June is just flying by it seems.  Monday was humid all day and so I dragged my heels all day.  I did get more recipes input into the system and now only need five more recipes.  However this had brought up another issue.  People who have left it to last minute to give me recipes will not be able to have them input, as a lot are recipes I already have.  So now I am having to call people to give me alternative recipes, which means more work.  As at the end of the day I don't want duplicate recipes in the book.  We have finally decided on a name for the book:

Three Churches Cook 2010

Why that name, well there are three churches involved in this, and rather than have each church named and there be an argument as to whose name should go first.  The title we chose was nice and simple, and to the point.  As at the end of the day it's not the title that sells the book its the recipes inside of it.

I took the first vegetables out of the garden on Monday, just some lettuce and some radish, but it's a start regardless.  The tomatoes are starting to flower, as are the peas.  The weeds are growing like crazy devils!!!  I hope next year it will be a lot easier in the veggie patch.

It was actually a little cooler after supper so I got an hour and a half of weeding done, which may not seem a lot but it was a start.  Plus by the time I had finished my back was killing me.  Still it's a start, and I did manage to get the potato rows all weeded and "hilled" them up a bit more, plus a little more weeding in other parts of the veggie patch.  I wll go out again after supper on Tuesday night and do more.

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. 


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Sometimes those stolen minutes at the endof the day in the cool are the most productive.
You are making great headway with the cook book - when is it due for release - you probably mentioned it in another post but if you did I cant remember lol
Take care

LizBeth said...

Keep us posted on those potatoes. I'm still trying to figure them out. They were a disaster last year. . . . . .Green beans are working, though. Picked the first today, er, yesterday!

Liz, The Republic

Bluejeans Needlework said...

Garden's are a lot of work aren't they? If it's not weed control, it's bug control... or animal control... or water control LOL

Ok... a lot of work but oh so worth it.

I'm getting zuccinni now. It's easy to let them get away from you and get big... I like them small :)

Hope it cools down for you today... it's another hot one here! ugh.

Jean :)

Stephanie V said...

Don't those first fresh veggies out of the garden taste amazing? We harvested some broccoli on Sunday which I'd never eaten fresh before.

Well done with the cook book title. I like the neutrality and the 'to the point-ness'.

Denise said...

Another busy day, but all very rewarding at the end of it I'm sure.

An English Girl Rambles

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Trying to catch up again! SO much happening around here this summer.
I Love cookbooks.One of my weakness! lol
Have a great day!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I decided to look at some different blogs that I haven't been to at all or just once in while.
For your recipes have you thought of looking at different ones such as "raw food recipes"

We also been eating a little out of our gardens now.

Hope you day is going well and stop by for some coffee if you have time.

Karine said...

Ahh, weeding. My mom does it in her garden, but while I lived at home we never had a dandelion problem on the lawn because I would always decapitate them with the lawn mower before the came to seed so they never had a chance to spread. We had one of the nicest lawns of the neighborhood thanks to that and now the gardeners she hired to care for the lawn in my stead are keeping up the tradition!

Rose said...

I had not thought of hilling potatoes in years! A definite sign of being away from the farm for too long.