Sunday, June 27, 2010

Interesting list and a quilt block.......

This list was published in the Toronto Star on Saturday and I thought it was interesting:

Ian Law - Better Driving

After 40 years and a couple of million kilometres of driving under my seatbelt, I have witnessed many transgressions committed by motorists.

Here is my list of the 10 worst motoring offences.

• Impaired Driving: whether it is by drugs or distraction, this is the leading cause of death and destruction on our roads. Alcohol, street drugs or some prescription drugs negatively affect four of the most important functions of safe driving ability: judgment, co-ordination, vision and reactions. Just as dangerous is being distracted by cellphone conversations, texting, chatting to passengers, day dreaming, entertainment systems, or any other distraction that prevents a motorist from focusing on driving.

• Running Red Lights: This is also one of the deadliest motoring mistakes. Running a red light for purely selfish reasons or due to distraction will eventually involve you in a serious collision. Saving that little bit of extra time is never worth the risk.
• Following too close: I am always amazed by how many motorists tailgate other vehicles. Each and every day I have drivers following much too closely behind me and I have to take action to avoid this threat to my safety. When I encounter a driver that is too close to my rear bumper, I will gradually slow down and keep right in the next available passing zone. Most motorists don’t even realize they are following too closely. At highway speeds, the average driver needs at least half a second to recognize a threat and then react. This equates to roughly 15 metres or five car lengths just to realize they need to start braking. With some drivers creeping up to within one to two car lengths of the vehicle in front, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that just isn’t enough time.

• Parking in handicapped spot: Too frequently, the driver is obviously not physically challenged at all. Most drivers who use these convenient parking spots genuinely need this convenience. Shamefully, some motorists have a permit that applies to someone in their family but they use it for their own benefit. It is these illegitimate users that make my radiator boil over. This is not only very selfish, but can lead to someone who really has difficulty walking, having to park much farther away because the few handicapped spaces are occupied by those not really in need of one.

• Left lane driving: It still boggles my mind that drivers will occupy the left lane on a multi-lane highway and then stay there regardless of how many vehicles are lined up waiting to pass. By now there has been enough press about this motoring indiscretion that you would think drivers would have clued in.
• Driving in middle lane: Too many motorists will poke along in the middle lane of a multi-lane highway at a slower rate than the majority of traffic when they should be in the right lane. Trucks too, are notorious for this and it leads to traffic bunching up as it tries to negotiate around the blockage with the resulting multiple-lane changes occurring.

• Failing to signal: Applies to both lane changes and turns. It is not wise to surprise other drivers with your next move and it is also disrespectful. Signalling lane changes notifies other motorists in all directions and is also a sort of an electronic “excuse me please” request to occupy the space in front of you. Not signalling is much like butting into line.

• Impatience: Each day as I commute in rush hour traffic, there are always a large number of drivers who need to get to work 10 minutes ago. They always zip out to the left lane, follow the other late drivers much too closely and then come to a screeching halt as the left lane soon becomes overpopulated. I seem to always catch up to these impatient drivers as I motor along in the much less stressful right lane saving fuel, brake and eventually insurance costs.

• Cutting off others: Most motorists will speed up slightly to block another driver from merging into the space in front. This only leads to frustration, possible retaliation and road rage. It never teaches the other driver to not pull in front of you.

• Fog lights: They’re frequently used on clear nights when there isn’t even a hint of fog. These lights are for a specific purpose and not to show off your cool German car. Fog lights are to be used in thick fog when your headlights become detrimental to illuminating the road. Some drivers say they like to use them to light up the side of the road. If so, when you encounter oncoming traffic simply turn them off.

It was a wet and miserable day on Saturday and I didn't seem to get much done.  However I did sew the black, white and red quilt block for the month of June.  It's called a Twist Block:

Now in the scheme of things I didn't think this was a difficult block to make, as the border is put together similarly.  Only two more months to go and then all twleve quilts blocks are done.

Oh and by the sound of it, all hell broke loose downtown Toronto with the protests, see here.  Once again like most things, a small group of people out to make trouble.......nothing else to say on the subject :0(


Jake said...

I live in toronto and spent yesterday glued to CP24 watching as a few idiots wrecked police cars and buildings in my city.I agree a few who spoil things for everyone.
Today should be interesting.

Karine said...

I love the colors in your quilt block Gill :o) As for your list, very true. So many of those things tick me off either well driving, or as a pedestrian when people run red lights.

Thank you for your kind comment on my post last night. I'm feeling better today :o)

Winifred said...

Yes drivers seem to be getting worse. Mind you on Friday I encountered two awful yobs riding bikes and towing lawn mowers across the road. They shrieked "Silly old cow" at me because I didn't stop my car for them as I was turning left off a mini roundabout. I would have blocked the road and had cars bumping into me. Oh how thoughtless of me not to do that so they didn't have to slow down!

Rose said...

I know driving impaired by drugs/alcohol is bad. But I have had more things happen with people on the phone or texting...I cannot even count the times I have had people coming way over into my lane, sometimes me not having much room to get out of their way.

Plus, times I have been behind someone that is all over the road. I think any time there is an accident, whoever was in the wreck should have their cell phone checked to see if they were on the phone.

Sorry, to rant...but this is a real problem.