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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tipsy Pots and sore feet.........

I first saw Tipsy Pots over at Stephanie's blog and loved it as soon as I saw it.  So I looked up the instructions, as Stephanie didn't have them posted at the time.  They are here and off to the store I went.  I used a 12 inch pot at the bottom, and four 10 inch pots.  I planted mine with orange Zinnia's and white Lobelia in the top pot.  Orange and purple Calibrachoa commonly known as Million Bells, in the next two pots.  White and blue Lobelia in the next pot and blue Lobelia in the bottom pot.  I may put a couple more small plants in the bottom as it's looking a bit bare.

I forgot to buy mulch, so need to get a bag of that as well.  I bought a 6 foot piece of rebar, but have to say I am finding mine a little too tipsy for my linking, they sway, so I tied them with twine to the post close to where I have put it.  I would in future buy a thicker piece of rebar.  Overall though I love the look, and can't wait for the plants to grow.

I have discovered a new garden centre and they keep all sorts of unusual things.  While I was there I saw this garden ornament, and fell in love with it.  You may need to click on the photo to get a better view.  I have put it in my new garden bed, where the gladiolus and canna lilies

I spent two hours Tuesday morning doing the edges with the whipper snipper.  Then I cut more grass; I am actually nearly caught up with that.  Mind you if this hot weather continues, the grass won't be growing as fast.  I am already noticing a lot of brown patches.  However it's not stopping the weeds from growing.....drat!!

I feel as though I was on my feet all day and my poor feet are killing me now.  I will try not to be on them as much on Wednesday, can't see that happening though.  My mouth though seems to be on the mend.  It's just feels sensitive still..................

Here is my column for the Eden Valley Messenger this week.

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Ah-hem! You really will prop those feet up and enjoy your lawn soon, right? Be good to you.

Liz, The Republic

Lovely pots! Don't you ever just SIT in your garden?????? Stop bloody working! xxx

thats great I would never attempt it, the lawn looks great

Love the tipsy pots! I might try that sometime....if I don't forget. I always see things I wanna try later, but forget about it.

I LOVE the pots Gill!! I've seen them before and had no idea about how to do it, and thought that I couldn't--Maybe I'll try it!!

You have a great garden, and I'm with the others, you are wearing ME out just reading about all you're doing! :-))

I love your gardening skills Gill and how you're ready to try new things! Be good to your feet, try and rest them!

awesome..I'm gonna go make one now!
Ma'am, you run circles around me...what vitamin drink to you take to have all that energy????
How's your garden "war wound" healing up?

The pots look great! I built another one today, next to the ladybug, and if I'd realized how good it would look there, I probably would have put the first one there and not made a second. No matter, lots and lots of flowers make me happy. I found pink and yellow calibrachoa yesterday and planted those in two of the pots--they are such cute flowers.

What a find on that garden ornament! I love it--does it twirl with the wind?

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