Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earthquake, a trip to the dentist AGAIN! and other stuff

Now to be fair I didn't feel the earth move, but dh did.  Actually he saw the kitchen cupboards move, while he was bleeding like a butched pig in the kitchen sink.  He tried to chop the top off his finger while cutting drywall!!

Now dd who works in Toronto was on a meeting on the 17th floor of her building and the building swayed, and they evacuated the building.  They actually thought they were under attack as she works for the Provincial Goverment.  They of course learned later it was THE earthquake!!

Now for all of you on the West Coast earthquakes are a common occurance, for us its not.  By the way it was a 5.5 earthquake, what ever that means.

Meanwhile I felt nothing, as I was driving home from the dentist.  I decided I wasn't going to suffer no more with this tooth, so trotted down to the dentist, who again took another x-ray and again found nothing.  He thinks my nerve (s) are dying in my tooth?  He's put me on antibiotics again and I go back on July 2nd, and I think it's a case of they either do a root canal (I DON'T THINK SO) or pull the tooth.  The only problem with pulling the tooth is I won't have any back teeth on the bottom right side, which may prove to be a problem. 

Mind you doing a root canal, at a cost of a few hundred dollars may not be the answer either, as that might not solve the problem.  I swear I have been more times to the dentist this year than any other time in my life.

When we were out on Tuesday we picked up the new Meatloaf cd "Hang Cool Teddy Bear."  I played it in the car too and from the dentist and it's okay.  I do however like this song, Los Angeloser the best.  I see he's playing in Oshawa on July 6th, but it's a couple of hours drive to there from here, which is a pain.  Plus no doubt it's sold out by now.


Tracey said...

We had an earthquake a couple of years ago, but my hubby was in a huge one in Italy when he was 16, it killed thousands & he's terrified to this day of them.
I LOVE Meatloaf!!!!!!!!xxx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

When we lived in Alaska we used to have earthquakes there and at first I was caught between running out of the house or waiting it out--I learned to just stay put. Of course it would only last a few seconds, but it always seemed like so much longer--Time really did stand still.

I hope DH's finger is okay, and your tooth feels better Gill! By the way, the dentist and endodontist here charge $800 to over a $1000 to do a root canal on a molar depending on how many visits it takes to complete it--Another pain felt, but this time in your wallet!!

Laurie and Bill said...

We felt the earthquake here too! It was subtle enough where it took us a little bit to figure out just what was happening. It was a bit scary at first, but being on the 17th floor of a building would have really shook me up!

I have been to the dentist a lot this year too. As I get older more and more of my teeth are chipping! Ugh! I feel for ya, Gill!

Unknown said...

Yes we have earthquakes every so often where I live they arn't too bad though. And as for Meatloaf Please go see him if you can he is fabulous in concert I saw him along time ago and it was one of the best concerts I have been too. Hope your DH finger is alright did he have to have sutures?

Karine said...

I hope dh's finger didn't need any stitches! As for your tooth, I'm surprised he's giving you antibiotics again if he didn't see anything! I find they're over-prescribed...

Decadent Housewife said...

I was texting Fun when he thought the subway was shaking his bed. He's in TO working nights to protect that stupid G20 fence.

My kitchen chair I was sitting in rocked sideways for about 6 seconds. Tornadoes last week, earthquake this week. What's left?
Glad you are okay up there.

DeniseinVA said...

I heard about the earthquake Gill, a fellow blogging friend mentioned she had felt it down in Pennsylvania too. I remember coming down the stairs in CA years ago when they started swaying, having to hold on to each side of the wall to keep my balance and hearing the kitchen cupboards slamming back and forth, and a few treasured knickknacks falling off the shelves and breaking. We went through several, one a sort of wave and that woke us up in the middle of the night. Always very freaky.

Do hope your dentist can take care of your poor tooth and that your husband's finger heals fast.

An English Girl Rambles

peppylady (Dora) said...

A few hundred dollars for a root canel. I'd feel bless if any of my dental was just a 100 bucks.
I heard about your earth quack the last one I felt was more 20 years ago.
Coffee is on.

Unknown said...

We have had a couple of minor earthquakes a few years agao, and a couple of years ago, we has one which I felt, the plates on the shelf were shaking and rattling. the dog ran out of the room and I instinctively followed. When it calmed George came in and I said " did you feel that?" What he said! Duh! I like that meatloaf one! Suzie xxx

Lib said...

Oh wow, Sorry to hear about the earth quake!
Hope your DH is o.k.
Good Luck with your dental work!

O. the expat mom said...

Oh dear, I bet you'll take the earthquake instead of that tooth ache. I can't tell how many times I've been to dentist here in USA and I ended up with more pain. Since I stopped going, I'm doing better - of course over a couple of years, I will end up loosing half of my teeth. Gosh, I can only say I understand you and I wish you good luck!

Mim said...

Now us West Coasties laugh abit...I have lived in California darn neat all my life and have only felt four earthquakes...hubby's relatives live in Arkansas and Okalahoma and say they don't understand how we can live out here with all of the earthquakes...REALLY? They have tornados dang near every week!! I'll live with my little shakers :)
Sorry to hear about DH's amamzes me how often you smack the injured digit when it's bandaged up..just makes it worse!
The dentist...I cannot fathom doing anything worse...the last one I had to go to required the pull of the tooth...we will title that the visit to hell!