Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Redemption Day

These past few days Shopper's Drug Mart has had a bonus redemption event on.  For 100,000 points instead of getting $100 worth of free product you could get an extra $40, so you could get $140 worth of free product.  Hubby had a pile of points, and he never spends them, so I thought I would stock up on a few bits and bobs.  This is what I got:

It doesn't look at lot does it?  That little lot should have cost just over $170.  I paid out of pocket just over $30.  It boggles my mind that so little cost so much?

I will say I paid more than I should have for a couple of things, but they were things that we use, so figured if I were getting it "free," I'd rather stock up with things we use.

I did buy all the candy for the kids for Easter, so that's a good job, jobbed.  The canister on the second photo was on clearance for $5 and is air tight and will come in handy.

Regardless though the price of food, and toiletries are going through the roof.

If you're in Canada, did you cash in points at Shopper's Drug Mart this week?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

We don't normally cash in points at Shoppers but instead save them for when meat comes on sale at the regular grocery store. We also save them for our trips out west to see our family and 'treat' them to free groceries while we're there.

bbarna said...

I just go to Shoppers on Thursdays for the Seniors 20% off and get my butter, but it looks like you got a decent haul. I am saving my points for a new iron. Since I do a great deal of sewing and quilting, I go through a few, haha. I also use the Flashfood app to get meat , produce and dairy at %50 off at the local Superstore. Every bit helps for sure.

50 and counting said...

I find Shoppers to be too expensive even with the bonus redemption days.

I use the points at Superstore, basically put $50 towards my groceries and go home and put the $50 into a jar for holiday spending money.

Last year we had $1500

Christy said...

I cashed some in about a month ago on one of the bonus days. I usually keep them until the big redemption event around Black Friday but since getting the newest PC Mastercard I am accumulating points more quickly.

DB Stewart said...

I always give my points to my wife: she loves to find bargains.

Prices in Canada are ridiculous.

Linda said...

Not in Canada. But, when I won $100 of free groceries, I did 'spend' more for items, but they were free, so why not.


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