Friday, March 1, 2024

Month end..........

I had a very restless night on Tuesday night.  No idea why, but it made for a sluggish Wednesday.  Just couldn't get my butt moving.  However good jobs were jobbed, so all was not at a loss.

Spent a delightful half hour doing the banking and filling in the figures on the Excel worksheet for February's expenditures.  Water bill was up, gas bill was down and hydro bill was up a couple of dollars?  With the weather the way it has been this month, I knew the gas bill would be lower.  Our gas bill also incorporates the water heater rental as well.  We can't get out of it, as we took it on when we bought the house.  I was a little surprised at the water bill though, that doesn't make sense, other than it may have been for a slightly longer period of time, we get billed every other month.

I must say I am liking the fact that I log in this spreadsheet how much we spend, it's giving us an insight into where the money goes etc.

On Wednesday it was lovely and warm in the morning so I headed out for a walk before it rained.

We have 600 houses being built in the adjoining land to our subdivision.  As I hadn't been walking in a while I was interested to see how fast they are getting one.  This photo is taken at the other end of our street.  The barriers will be removed eventually and you will be able to drive/walk through.  There should be no more traffic past our house, as there are faster ways to exit the subdivision.

One house on that street is already up for sale, for around $1.2 million which is crazy.  It's brand new never been lived it, I am guessing someone bought it too flip?

Further up the street, these barriers will also be removed eventually and again it will be a through road.
Ran into Pugsy on my walk.  She is owned by twin teenage girls who love her to bits.
I took a close up of her vest as I was impressed you could get messages like these to put on them.  She has been attacked by larger dogs, and is very nervous now.  I am guessing the girls had given her a dye job as well....LOL

It was nice to get a quick walk in the other day to have a look around the neighbourhood.


Linda said...

What is the difference in water and hydro? You have to rent a water heater? Why?
Practical Parsimony

slugmama said...

I need one of those doggie messaged coats...but in a human size. lol

Joy said...

I have sluggish days too - too many of them for my liking really! :-) xx

Linda said...

With 600 houses under construction, there will be lots of dirt in the air. The road construction will be good for this large project. Enjoy your walks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your area looks like ours. There are hundreds of homes being constructed here for an anticipated influx of people moving here from the city. We don't have the infastructure to support all those homes, nor do we have good traffic flow to deal with all the additional people that will be milling about. We're dreading it and sometimes wish we could move elsewhere to get away from it all.

angela said...

I’d check to see if you have any leaks. Even a dripping tap can add up
The pug is adorable

Linda said...

Nice to get out for a walk as the weather improves. I'm just over 3 months after knee surgery, so started walking at the mall a couple of weeks ago. The exercise is good.

Jackie said...

Our son had or has a rented water heater. I am hoping he managed to get rid of it as now he has hot water on demand through his boiler.

Oh, lord those houses are very large aren't they?

God bless.


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