Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You start out with this:

and after a couple hours of work you end up with this:

Made another 2 dozen jars of raspberry jam on Tuesday morning.  Skipped work this week to make jam.  All in all  it took me two hours to pick the raspberries and just over an hour and a half to make the jam.  I only need make another 2 dozen jars and then I should be done the wedding jam.  I will then start on making jam for ourselves and freezing the best raspberries.  It really is a bumper crop this year, so someone must be smiling down on me.

Would you believe I haven't cut the grass in well over two weeks.  The weather has been so hot and humid that I won't go out in it.  Yes, the grass could really do with cutting but it's going to have to wait until it gets a little cooler.

Got an email from the town and there is a total fire ban in our area, as everything is so dry.  I do have stuff on the firepit, but am in no great hurry to burn it.  I don't think the fire department would appreciate another call out to The Acreage!!!!!


angela said...

you are soooo good to make jam on such hot days.
You will be able to enjoy it in winter on hot buttered toast. yummy

MyBulletinBoard said...

I know you're not missing that mower one bit!! Glad for the good raspberry crop. ~Liz

Jane and Chris said...

Aren't you sick of the sight of jam yet?
Jane x

Karine said...

It's pretty crazy that there are fire bans because everything is so dry after the sopping wet spring we had, isn't it? Good for you getting all that jam made!

As for my AC, I can't sleep with it turned on because it's a window unit in my bedroom and is too noisy. I tried sleeping with it turned on once and woke up after an hour with my ears ringing!

Piece by Piece said...

Your jam looks yummy, you are on the home stretch now.
Grass? I don't have grass, well I do really but its "hay", it all brown, no cutting for me either.
My area has a total fire ban also, doesn't effect me though.
Stay cool,

Stella Jones said...

The raspberries and the jam look wonderful Gill! Isn't it miraculous that just in the wedding year, there is an abundance of raspberries? Must be a good omen. Here in England we have also had a glut of raspberries. I adore them, in all forms but especially fresh with a little sprinkling of sugar.
Well done you! It must have been hard work.

Rose said...

You have been busy! I wish I could say the same....