Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where are the blueberries?

I got this in an email and found it quite interesting:

We all know that real blueberries are full of antioxidents but look at what several BIG food companies are doing to make for huge profits.  Quite the video.
Isn’t this something?
Nothing but disregard and greed!
Who would have thought Kelloggs or Betty Crocker products deceiving? Watch for yourself , they are killing us little by little. Here is the link and please watch it and send it to your friends.   
Seems like I have full blown allergies now, as I am ready to pull off my nose and my eyes are watering, so I am persevering with the Benadryll.  I don't have to drive today, so I can dope myself up with it.  I swear this living in the country will be the death of me!!!
Got some helpers coming over today to pick raspberries, so we should get a lot picked.  I also want to get more jam made, so that should keep me out of mischief.  I picked up another 6 dozen jam jars, so that makes 10 dozen, which should in theory be enough..............


Karine said...

I will have to watch that video when I get home from work!

Happy raspberry picking and I hope you get some relief from your allergies!

Piece by Piece said...

Great video, fake blueberries !!!makes me wonder what else is fake in the foods that we are eating? I read labels all the time before buying or in most cases putting it back on the shelf.
Sorry you are having allergy problems, good luck on your raspberry picking and jam making.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I am so sorry for your allergies -- I feel your pain and live off Benadryl as well during sometimes of the year. Such misery -- I hope you are better soon!

DeniseinVA said...

That's a shame about your allergies, hope the meds work. The older I get the more conscientious I'm becoming when I buy food. I rarely buy any pre-packaged food anymore and I go for organic produce more often than not.