Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blackcurrant Jam and Lasagna

are both things I have never made from scratch before.

The lasagna was super simple and I just followed the recipe from the box.  It was supposed to feed 8......4 is more realistic.  Anyhow it was good.

Then after supper on Friday night I made blackcurrant jam. 


2 lbs blackcurrants cleaned....probably take you a couple of hours just to top and tail the bloody things!!
1 1/2 pints of water, around 3 cups
3 lbs of sugar

Bring the blackcurrants to a boil in the water and then turn the heat down to a simmer and cook for half and hour of so until softened.  Add the sugar, and bring up to a boil and boil for a couple of minutes, or until the jam starts to set on a saucer.

Pour into sterilized jars and seal.  I got nine 250ml/1/2 pint jars of jam plus another container.  Can't say if it tastes alright as I can't stand blackcurrants.  So I'll give the Tupperware container to my dad and he can be the guinea pig and see if it tastes alright!!

Got a heck of a busy weekend ahead of us, and the weather is going to be stinking hot....oh joy!!!  Hope you enjoy your weekend,



Caroline said...

Hope you have a good weekend Gill

Janet said...

Yum ! black currant jam -lovely ! sounds a bit fiddly to make-but worth it I`m sure.

Evelyn said...

can you skip the topping and tailing part and make jelly?

Scrappy quilter said...

Stinking hot here too!!! I've never made black currant jam either. Lasagna I love making. Have a great weekend. Hugs

angela said...

you have been a busy little bee. Well done on the jam, looks yummo.
Im glad its not hot here, although a little warmer than its been would be ok.

Piece by Piece said...

I love black currant jam,my three kids like it too. I used to make it when they were young, and they would have it still hot on toast, because they couldn't wait for it to cool,
Weather is like being in an oven isn't it? I don't mind it, six months from now we will be complaining about the cold.