Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All dancing, all singing, bells whistling, new toaster oven:

I got ourselves a new toaster oven last week as my Betty Crocker one was having issues.  It's handle had dropped off on the glass door, and the door itself wasn't too happy to open.  It was at least 15 years of age, so it had paid for itself over the years time after time.

We use our toaster oven a lot, as its a lot cheaper to run than my main stove oven and with there only being the two of us at home its ample big enough.  So I picked up this one:

This on was on sale at Canadian Tire for $59.99 and is smashing.  It not only toasts, its a convection oven, a grill/broiler and a rotisserie.  I must say though I am not used to a convection oven and how fast things cook in there, so things tend to look a bit over done at the moment..........

I cooked a quiche in there on Monday morning and I think when I poured the filling in it, it only took around 20 to 25 minutes to cook.  So all in all it is worth it's money.

On Saturday I went with dd and surrogate dd to a local store that was having it's summer sale.  Surrogate dd saw these glasses and liked them, but for some reason didn't buy them.  So me and dh went on Sunday to get them along with the napkins and the tray.  It's coming up to her birthday so will make an ideal gift for her. 

By the way I took the photo before I washed the glasses.  Her house is very modern, so they will fit in perfectly there.  I was actually things they would make lovely dessert bowls as well.  I could see my Wibbly Wobbly Pudding in them.


Janet said...

Love the glasses and you`re right they would make super pudding bowls too !
I had an oven like that- when we lived in our little cottage-its amazing what you can cook in it[cooked a Christmas dinner for 5 several years running in one !!]

Jane and Chris said...

We got a toater oven in April. Yes, things were a bit well done at first, but I'm getting used to it. I hope it does save energy. The way they price electricity I can't tell! Love the glasses, you can never have too many martini glasses, wink, wink!
Jane x

Shammickite said...

I bought exactly the same martini glasses for my son a couple of years ago but the stems were black glass, very swish! I'm thinking I might get my toaster oven back upstairs, it's in the basement right now, cheaper to run than the big oven. Good idea!

Piece by Piece said...

A great looking toaster oven. I have never owned one, have a gas range, its a bit cheaper to use than electricity. When I use it I cook several meals at once and then freeze them, and just heat them in the microwave.
This heat is unbelievable isn't it?
I bet you are not cutting much grass these days.
Love the glasses.
Stay cool

Crazy Acres Rose said...

we have the exact same toaster oven.. bought it last year, after getting rid of the microwave oven.

I bake EVERYTHING in my toaster oven. .. roasts... Shepherd Pies... apple crisp ... pork chops.. scallop potatoes... pizza.. cakes..bacon.. absolutely everything that I make in the large oven, I can make in this little oven. When making breads, you use the rack that has the dip in it, put it on the bottom slot, and make sure the dip goes down lol.. gives loads of room for raising cakes then

It's especially nice during this time of year, because it doesn't heat up the kitchen.

the only thing I had to get used to is changing it back from "toast" to "convection" after hubby made his toast in the morning.. one day I didn't do that, and it took forever to make a cake lol

Scrappy quilter said...

That oven looks smashing. I think I might even look into getting one. With the heat here, we could even have some lasagna and not have to worry about heating up the house. And anything that saves electricity is a good thing in my books. Hugs

DeniseinVA said...

Great toaster oven. When mine broke I didn't replace it but you make some very good points for getting one. I recently had to buy a new toaster, pity I didn't think about this first. Those glasses will make a lovely gift. Thanks for stopping by with the info on the chicken. I'm going to give it a try this week.

Karine said...

Your post made me feel like buying a toaster oven :o)

~Carla~ said...

Hubby bought me a convection oven 2 years ago & I LOVE it! I use it 90% of the time, it's fast & works amazing! Yours is all shiny & new, love it! :)