Sunday, July 24, 2011

Donating Beach Towels and ordered my dress

For those of us in Canada, have you seen the General Mills cereal with the free Beach Towel offer on them?  Personally I am not interested in a free beach towel, but I see you can donate it to the Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation for a child in their programme, what a super idea.  I donated mine from the box of Banana Nut Cheerio's I ate.

Went to Toronto on Saturday to see about getting a dress for the wedding.  Went to Ediths Fashions to see what they had.  Narrowed it down to one dress but the price put me off.  I had wanted to spend less than $500 but knew that wasn't going to happen with what I liked.  So left empty handed and decided to check out this store which wasn't too far away.

To be fair this poor store didn't stand a chance as it was like going from driving a Rolls Royce to driving a Mini.  The quality, the service, the choice was just not there.  So we ended up going back to Edith's and me picking up the dress I liked at the price that I didn't like. 

However it really did look lovely, its a royal blue colour with a beaded top with cap sleeves and a chiffon floaty skirt and it is long.  The good news is that I can shorten the skirt and wear it for a wedding we`re going to next February and I will be able to wear it at Christmas parties or even going out for a special dinner when it is shortened.  The quality and workmanship of the dress is superb, and as everyone said, it`s a once in a lifetime occasion dd getting married.  They are ordering it in, in my size and it will be here by mid-September.  I was able to try the dress on in a size less than I need and so I know how I look in it. The dress I bought is made by this company, but mine isn`t on the site.

So now I have to get shoes, which shouldn't be a hard job.......fingers crossed and a new handbag.  I need to email the lady who is making my fascinator and discuss what we`re going to do with that now I have my dress.

Did I enjoy dress shopping..........NO  I tried on a `bustier,`type top which meant I couldn't breath, but at least it did suck in all my wobbly bits.  I tried a dress on that made me look like a very short barrel.  What was nice on the hanger didn`t mean it looked nice on me.  Of course the hot flashes kicked in and so it was even more uncomfortable.   Overall I was glad to see the back of the store and the dress trying on part.  If anyone in the Toronto area is looking for a dress or an outfit for a special occasion I would say look in Edith`s as it does have a wide collection of outfit`s they are pricy though.

I hope you don`t mind but I won`t be showing you a photo of the dress as I want to keep it as a surprise.


Kaisievic said...

What a lovely idea to donate your beach towel and your shopping expedition sounds like it was fun. I looked at the website of the company who made your dress and the dresses on there looked fabulous. I am sure that you will look gorgeous on the big day.
love Kaye xoxox

MyBulletinBoard said...

Well, I must say, there is certainly a quantum leap from party dresses to evening wear! LOL

Stella Jones said...

Well, I was hoping you would, but I can understand why you wouldn't! Looks like you are going for something very elegant, judging from the pictures on Edith's website. Very good luck to you. I chose blue last year when David got married. It's their first wedding anniversary next Saturday so I will be putting a picture up to celebrate that day. It's a very exciting time for your family and I'm enjoying living it through with you. At David and Michelle's wedding, they didn't have raspberry jam, but they did have lots of jars with sweeties in, all looking very appealing and popular with kiddies and adults alike.

~Carla~ said...

So glad you found a dress that'll be wearable after the wedding as well! It sounds lovely! :)

Karine said...

Good for you on finding a dress! I'm looking forward to seeing it, it sounds lovely!

EG CameraGirl said...

It's kind of scary how expensive a very nice dress can be! I'm glad you have come up with a few ways to make it feel "less: pricey, wearing it to a few other events as well as the wedding. I bet royal blue looks great on you!