Monday, September 1, 2008

Review of August's Grocery Shopping and Goals for September...

So here we go the end of another month and I so went over my grocery budget for the month of August.

I ended up spending $507.32 and had savings of $356.75.

So I was $200 over my budget, however I took advantage of the FOF programme that ends this week at A & P (see yesterday's post to that explains more about FOF). Because of that I have managed to stock up on coffee, I won't need to buy coffee until the new year. The same with ceaser salad dressing. I won't need to buy Olive Oil until next year. I haven't had to buy milk all month, or yogurt. The freezer is full and I managed to FOF 6 fully cooked meat meals, 4 of which are in the freezer, and will make easy fast meals.

I stocked up on Glad Cling Wrap and Aluminum Foil for the rest of the year and well into next year. I have made enough jam to last us well into next year also. I stocked up on dh's Glucosamine and my Black Cohosh. I stocked up on sugar, brown sugar and icing sugar, with an eye on Christmas baking. I know I am thinking ahead here.

As I have bought the things for and have made my laundry detergent, I won't need to buy those items for many months. The same with fabric softener. I am sure I am stocked up on a number of other items as well.

We are away on vacation for half of September, and as I am so stocked up on a number of things, I am hoping to keep this months budget under $100. I have three days of when I can FOF Tuesday through Thursday so will see what else I can get free, and will buy more of dh's Glucosamine as its on sale this week. Other than fresh things I think we are in good shape for both September and October.

What are your grocery goals for the month of September?


Lib said...

HI Gill,
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!:o)
I'm stocked for several months also!
Hope ya'll have a great vacation!
Happy Labor Day!

CannedAm said...

I'm still stocked from my last fof...doesn't look like I'll get another in before the program ends. *sigh* Goals for more than $300 --- closer to $200. (Not really a goal...I have a maximum of $300 available for the month of September for household expenditures.) Hope there's a special on chicken breasts this month! I'm running low!

Interesting thing about FOF, for me though...I actually can't afford to do it when I'm down to bare bones in my grocery budget. I'd end up with a lot of stuff we don't need and the equal purchase never added up to everything I did need for $50 that I could buy at NoFrills/Food Basics .... Weird, eh? Too broke for free food LOL!!

Sabra said...

My grocery goals for September: To get you a Visa to come to the Sandbox to shop AND cook for me!!!

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