Saturday, July 28, 2018

Oldie but a goodie

You have a bounty of zucchini/courgette and don't know what to do with them; it's red hot outside and you don't want to stand outside and BBQ and you really don't want to heat up the house, but the family need is what you do you make a Sausage Risotto in the microwave.

I bought this book at Mark's and Spencer before we came to Canada over 29 years ago and it has served me well:

My carrot soup recipe comes from this book; I posted about it here.  Also the Sausage Risotto recipe comes from the same book, you can get the recipe here.

If you don't eat meat, just add more veggies, and it freezes great.

It also reheats perfectly as well.  It feeds four no problem; so that's two nights meals sorted!!
While I was getting the links for the recipes I saw this recipe for Crockpot Falafel, I am going to have a go at that this week as I have wraps on the menu and this sounds good.


Joy said...

Oh, I had that book although i'm not sure I still do. A real blast from the past, that is! xx

William Kendall said...

I can see that book coming in handy.