Monday, July 16, 2018

Northern Birthday Box Project

The Northern Birthday Box Project, is a Facebook group, and here is what they do:

"This page was created to assist in bringing Birthday fun to those in need within remote Northern Canada.
If you would like to send a birthday box to a child between the ages of 1 and 16 please message us today to be matched.
Items should include at a minimum, a cake mix, icing and decorations.
Each child is matched with a sponsor who gets the age, gender and name of the child who is having the birthday, and an address to ship the box to directly. All costs are covered by the sponsor, including shipping. "

I read about them in the Toronto Star the other month and decided I would like to sponsor a child and send them a birthday box. So I signed up, you have to join the group as it's a closed group and they match you up with a child.

I got word about my child, a little girl who will be 2 at the beginning of September and her theme was Boss Baby and her favourite colours were lime green and purple😕 So after I looked up what Boss Baby was (had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER!!) and had a day or two to think about it, I got too work.

Here is what I put into my box for her:
At the minimum you have to add cake mix and frosting.  My child wanted vanilla frosting.  I added a couple packages of jello/jelly lime and grape flavours to go with the colour theme.  I bought purple and green sprinkles and green and purple icing writers things so they could write her name on the cake.  The whole Boss Baby theme was impossible to find, but we did manage to find some colouring sheets that we got customized with her name and age on them.  We got them from Etsy, and they sent us the PDF file and it was less than $6 CDN, so I double sided printed a number of them out.  Also some flavouring for water.

 I picked up a onsie, a pair of leggings and pj's up for $5 total from Wal-Mart on sale.  I knitted the hat; the Beanie Baby had the purple and lime green colours on it.  The Princess crown was purple and sparkly.  Purple balloons, and I got the Happy Birthday candles, and they are reusable.  They can write on the banner and that's purple.  That candy was from the dollar store and I got the markers, along with a 64 pack of crayons (not pictured) for free with a promotion at Chapters Indigo.
 Lime green table cloth, napkins, paper plates and cups, along with some straws and I found purple and lime green packages of pocket Kleenex. A couple packages of purples streamers, just because!!
 This is a closer look at the hat. 
This package went to Nunavut, where it is super expensive to buy these things, so quite often children don't get a birthday party. I was limited in weight and how much I could send as I bought a flat rate box from Canada Post. I am hoping it will be well received and I will do another one probably in late Fall. If you are in Canada and are willing, this is a super thing to do and it all goes to the children.


Jenn Jilks said...

What an interesting project!

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a wonderful project.

Anne in the kitchen said...

What a clever project!

William Kendall said...

That sounds like a very good idea!

Jackie said...

Wow, she will love her birthday box.

God bless.