Saturday, July 14, 2018

More goodies in the mail......

I love it when parcels arrive in the mail, don't you.  So on Friday I was all excited to see this box arrive:
It was one of those flat rate boxes.  I will talk about these type of boxes in another post, as I have quite a bit to say about them.

Anyhoo, inside of my box were these goodies from Dailylike Canada.
 The cactus fabric is 60 " wide cotton canvas, which will be perfect for bags.  I just love it.  Underneath the thistle fabric is also 60" wide but is a cotton oxford which is a little lighter in weight but still great for bags.  I LOVE, LOVE that one also.
 She was having a good sale on the weekend and had some remnants for little to no money, so I picked up these three all for under $5 and all quilting cotton.
 I picked up a couple of yards of cotton webbing strap to try.  This is actually grey in colour.  Never used it before but thought it might be a nice change as handles on tote bags?
 This is laminated fabric in a pale pink with houses on it.  Perfect for lining cosmetic pouches.
 I love how she also adds a couple of small samples of fabrics, so you can see what else she has.
 Finally the natural cotton canvas was a bolt end and the green flower is also a bolt end in cotton oxford.
Lots there to keep me out of mischief.  Love the service I get from Dailylike Canada, and love all her products.

Do you have a favourite amongst those fabrics?


mamasmercantile said...

It was the thistle fabric that jumped out at me, but in fairness I really liked them all.

Karen said...

Hi Gill. Can you link her website. I can't seem to find it. Everything comes up something to do with flowers when I google her. Thanks, K

William Kendall said...

You'll make good use of those.

Stella said...

Love the fabric.

barbara woods said...

great fabric buys!~ Love a good sale

Jackie said...

Webbing is awesome to use as a bag handle. I think once you get used to sewing with it you will love it.

God bless.

Winifred said...

My that seems like a bargain bundle there. The webbing will make great straps for a tote bag.