Friday, July 27, 2018

Follow up from yesterday........

I had a comment from Margie that she does not use Facebook, and she is not the only one out there.  So if you would like to donate items to various groups/causes Up North please let me know in a comment what you are willing to donate/where you are willing to donate and give me your email address (I will not publish it) and I will email you addresses and more specifics for you to chose from.

Some things that are requested are as follows:

DVD's for 15 to 18 year olds for movie nights hosted by the RCMP.  Along with popcorn and various snacks.

Craft items, things like needles, yarn, embroidery threads, paints, beads.

Food for various food banks and soup kitchen, for example yeast, flour dried beans, peas.

Clothing items, especially socks, hats & mitts.  For all age groups and both males and females. Underwear for all age groups and pull on bras for the elderly women.

Winter clothing, jackets, boots, snow pants; remember it gets pretty cold where they live.

Books, small dollar store toys, little Hot Wheels cars.

Toiletries of all kinds.

Vegetable seeds for various organizations.

Certain places put together "Kindness Kits" which can include the following depending on what's donated:

Here are some content suggestions:
• Hand warmers
• Batteries
• Flashlights
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste
• Moist wipes
• Neck Warmers
• Hat Gloves
• Scarves
• Indoor or Outdoor socks (Often socks are layered on extremely cold days)
• Soap
• Swiss army knife or a multi tool
• Bandaids/Small first aid kit
• Deck of cards
• Sample size shampoo or deodorant
• Camping utensils spoons, forks, sporks
• Simple household gadgets like a can opener
• Kleenex packs
• Nail clippers
• Canvas compact shopping bag
• Fishing hooks/lures/line
• Sunglasses
• Small reusable traveling water bottle
• Wash cloth
• Chapstick
• Razors
• Tampons or Feminine Hygiene Products
• Single Use Tide powder to have the opportunity to wash clothes
• Brush/comb
• Envelope/Pen/Stamp—So someone can write home to family
• Hot Chocolate/ Individual Coffee packs
• Snacks—instant oatmeal, dried fruit (Anything with nuts should be clearly marked)

I sewed a number (22) of bookmarks and got them off in the mail on Thursday.  I tried to do a mix of fabrics to suit both boys and girls.

All were made from scraps of fabric I had on hand; same with the ribbon trims.  If you have any questions ask away.


William Kendall said...

Thanks for the follow up.

angela said...

Love your book marks. So clever