Friday, November 17, 2017

Paper clips...........

Do you know that the Paper Clip was invented in 1899 or 1901 depending on what you read by a Norwegian called John Vaaler.

There is an article here called 10 facts about Paperclips.

Do you remember back in 2005 when a Canadian traded a red paperclip and ended up with a house?  You can read more about it here.

One of the most expensive paper clips must be this Prada one:

You can read more about it here.  Personally I have better things to do with $185 USD.

Do you know paper clips are popular to use in arts and crafts?  Neither did I, here is a couple of links that you may find interesting.  Here and here.

Finally why did I write a post about paper idea😊


Angela said...

The two pages you linked to are fascinating. Now I want to make an angel and pick a lock!

William Kendall said...

I didn't know they'd been around that long.

Give MacGyver a paperclip, string, and a watch, and he can improvise a rocket engine.

Jackie said...

The paperclip trade up to a house was wonderful. The house the gentleman got was north of us here in Saskatchewan by about 2 1/2 hours. I am not too sure how long he lived there though.

God bless.

Practical Parsimony said...

Good post!