Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sewing for a friend (photo heavy)

Got a call from a friend who had been cleaning out her basement and came across some of her girls clothes from when they were little.  The girls are now 19 and 21.  She asked if I could make her a project bag using some of the clothes.

Here are the clothes before.  As you can see there are a variety of clothes, including a bridesmaid dress on the left hand side of the photo.  The only item I did not use what the pink and green dinosaur one, as I couldn't think what to make with it.
So here is what I made from those dresses:

From the organza overlay of the bridesmaid dress and the lining of the dark blue dress on the far right, I made two lingerie bags for the girls or friend to put their undies in when putting them in the washing machine.
 They are so light and airy and will dry in no time.  I made my own design for this.
 Pocket tissue cover and a couple of key fobs from various dresses.
 Two project bags, a lot smaller than the one I made for me only around 11 inches wide by 10 inches high, again my own pattern.
 Again fully reversible but this time with pockets on both the inside and the outside.
 A 16 inch square cushion cover, using 4 inch squares of material from one daughters dresses.
 Again another 16 inch cushion cover using 4 inch squares from the other daughters dresses.
 I used more of the bridesmaid dress material from the main dress for the backing on both the cushion covers.
I hope she will be happy with what I made.  I am very nervous about her seeing what I did to her daughters clothes.  

I have to say I felt awful when I cut into the first dress, but got over it pretty fast when the creative juices started to flow!!


Joy said...

They all look wonderful. What a lovely way to keep those memories.
J x

Practical Parsimony said...

I think she expected you to cut into the items. I like what you did. Also, you can make those lightweight bags to put produce in instead of using plastic at the store. I am quite sure she will like what you made.

Jackie said...

Great job on all those lovely items. Your friend will be very happy with what you have made.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

I think she'll be pleased with the results.

Rose said...

I bet she was happy with them! You got a lot done.