Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Countdown to Christmas is now on.....

Now that Remembrance Day is over I can now fully concentrate on getting things organized for Christmas.  I am probably 80% done with my Christmas shopping.  Do have to start on writing Christmas cards.  The house is to decorate, but that will wait until the end of the month.

Christmas is made a bit easier for me, as I put money away each and every week for it, so there is always money in the pot and no worrying about having to pay for everything.

For Christmas this year dh and I are going to see the musical Bat Out Of Hell and are buying snow tires for the car.

Just in case you are wondering there are 40 days until Christmas and you can always check here to make sure 😊

If you celebrate Christmas, how are you getting on with your preparations?


Jenn Jilks said...

We don't really have much to do for this. Good for you for getting your work done.

Patricia said...

Good for you, putting money away on a regular basis,
Do not do much decorating, I do have to write my cards, thanks for the reminder.
Too many branches on my family tree to buy gifts for everyone. Under 18 years family members receive a gift from me, which this year total six. So Christmas shopping is quite easy for me as the two eldest receive money, the four little ones get clothes.

My youngest daughter is the only one with a house big enough for all of us to get together, so at some time during the holidays we try to do that.

Gotta go and dig out those cards. Have a great day.

barbara woods said...

it's not long and i have lots of sewing to do before then

William Kendall said...

It's not something I really celebrate anymore, but good for you getting started on it.

Stella said...

I finished my Christmas shopping last week. I also put x amount of dollars away for Christmas every month. Making my Christmas cards, so need to have them done by the end of the month. Not much decorating this year.

Jackie said...

Yikes, only 40 days left. I think I better spend a bit more time in the sewing room this week.

I also need to get started on those cards.

God bless.