Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update on car....AGAIN!

The car is still at the garage as of Wednesday morning.  I spoke to them on Tuesday and they had got it going, but were not 100% sure if they have fixed it?  They have reprogrammed the Gem Mobile, what ever that is?  They have performed a recalibration, what ever that is?  They had also reprogrammed the computer last week.

I am none the wiser with any of this and dh is far from happy about it all.  I did offer to go in and try the car, as it seems I have the magic fingers for not making it work, but they said they'll let me know.  So that is where we stand.

Weather a little cooler this morning so have had the windows open to let in some fresh air.  It get so stuffy in the house when it closed up all the time doesn't it?  May even attempt to cut some grass as it doesn't feel as humid.  Otherwise it is going to be another quiet day around here.

By the way is anyone a member of KLOUT?  I'll be honest with you although I have joined I really don't understand it all.  I did however get a free product coupon the other day thanks to them.  Here is a link to what it's about.  If anyone is more of an expert on this, please share what you know?


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I had a problem with my car the fuel emission light kept coming on, I went back with it 3 times and they re-calibrated it, still the light came on, eventually they replaced the sensor. So far its been ok Fingers crossed.

The car is whats known as a green line for which I only pay £20 a year road tax, it recycles the emissions so there is less pollution from the engine.

Hope you get your problem sorted soon, its frustrating when things like that happen and they do not seem to be able to find a reason for it.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I am so sorry about your car Gill. B

Anonymous said...

Gill, I'm sorry this is dragging on so long. How frustrating! It's too bad John Deere doesn't make cars.

Karine said...

I'm sorry for your car torubles :( My VW is still pretty new, but I'm nervous about the day when something might go wrong as I am totally clueless about how a car works and I'm worried I might get fleeced by the mechanics!

Rose said...

I just hope they get it fixed and that you will feel safe to get out and go. It is so frustrating to have a vehicle that is not dependable.

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