Friday, June 28, 2013

Photos and music for a Friday.....

Here is a lovely photo of our Little Princess:

Was busy sewing on Friday and I enjoy listening to music as I sew.  I listened to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack:
I enjoy this Neil Diamond song, "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon" from the soundtrack, although it was sung by Urge Overkill for the soundtrack, not Neil Diamond:

Another song I really enjoy from the soundtrack is"Teenage Wedding," by Chuck Berry.  This You tube video has John Travolta dancing in it!!

The second soundtrack I was listening to was "O Brother, Where Art Thou," so very different to Pulp Fiction.
My favourite song is "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow," by The Soggy Bottom Boys:

Followed very closely by "Down by the River to Pray," by Alison Krauss, who has the most fantastic voice:

It made for a pleasant day listening to those soundtracks while I was sewing:


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh she is so beautiful your little princess, she is growing so fast. Have a nice Canada Day Weekend Gill. B

Jane and Chris said...

Miss N. is going to have to change that bib for this weekend!
Jane x

Winifred said...

She is gorgeous. Love that bib!

Thankfully since the Olympics we've reclaimed the Union Flag. Not synonymous with the National Front any more!

Karine said...

Adorable photo of Nitara!

angela said...

Such w happy little soul, beautiful!
Your blocks are looking great.

Rose said...

I never hear O Brother Where art thou without thinking of one of my former bosses...he was always quoting something from them....his wife and I would just shake our heads.

Rose said...

You are really going good on the quilt!

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