Thursday, June 6, 2013

Only need $113 to reach their goal.....

Not sure if you remember me asking begging the other week for donations for the Relay For Life Team our son is captain of?  Anyhow they are only $113 short of their goal of $3,750.  Their original goal was $3,000 which they achieved so they thought they would try to raise another $750.

So if cancer has affected you, your family or someone you know, please consider donating a couple of dollars to this worthwhile cause.  Here is the link to their team:

Every little does indeed help.  Thank you.

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Rose said...

Boy, who of us has not had some family with oldest brother is walking miracle according to his doctor. Had a brain tumor 9 years ago, cancer, expected him to live a year at the most. With chemo and prayers, he is still with us and busy every day.

He also had a tumor in his eye about 30 yrs ago...he only has a yearly check-up for it.

Had a sister have breast cancer...that has been about 24 years ago I think...she is still with us.

I had a sister had cancer down her kidneys...she is not with us.

Roger's dad had skin cancer...

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