Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garage called yesterday and home of the week..

The car had stopped starting AGAIN.  So they have now ordered a "fuel pump pig tail," as that MIGHT be the problem.  Dh still as mad as hell, me totally I am guessing I won't be seeing my car until after the long weekend.

Funny thing is with this heat I have been hibernating, so other than bringing the rental car home from the garage and calling into the grocery store, the rental car hasn't moved since last Saturday.  Feel a bit guilty about having it at home, but it's better than not having a car at all.

This week's "Home of the Week," is not awful, but just too modern for me.  My dh would die to have a garage like that, even I would LOVE a garage like that and the back yard is nice and private, but is it worth $5.5 million?  Again its all to do with location.  The interior just doesn't feel warm to me; what do you think?

The "Cottage of the Week," is MINE!!!!!  At just under $330,000 it is finally something we could afford; if we sold this house.  It would make a lovely retirement home and the grand kids would love the Bunkie.  It is also really a cottage, not one of these monster mansions advertising itself as a cottage.  Just love it.

Although I couldn't afford the $2.3 million price tag or the $1,700 + per month maintenance fees, this week's "Condo of the Week," isn't too bad.  Pretty neutral and a workable floor plan.  Always wanted one of this recliner leather chairs in the living room with the footstool, but they a very pricey.  The views from the property are no too bad, other than that red building opposite.  I would even ask the folk to leave the furniture if I bought it.

Quite impressed with this week's choices as I don't actually hate any of them.........which makes a change!!


Jackie McGuinness said...

As a city girl I'll take the condo. Cars...I don't drive and am quite happy with public transit. Hence the condo!
Cottage is very cute but it is small.
The house doesn't appeal to me.

Karine said...

I like the décor and the floor space of the condo better than the house, but I love the large windows of the house and all the trees! As for the cottage, I think it's perfect!

Rose said...

I am impressed...did not just hate any of them, but the cottage was by far my favorite...I would love that Bunkie for a place to go read in peace and quite. The home of the week was too modern for me, too, yet I loved how light it felt.

As for the Condo, it is probably my favorite of the ones you have shown that I have looked at. And even though it was so white, it did not have that feeling of sterile to me.

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