Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What we were up too on the Long Weekend.........

First let me say the weather was too hot for me.  I know am I ever happy with the weather........not really.  Temperatures in the 30's oC do not suit me, and as I am a stubborn old thing, who thinks that as its only May why would we put the a/c on this soon, we suffered in the heat.

Saturday morning, ds arrived for a couple of hours and along with dh dug over some more of the veggie patch.  By lunch time it was too flipping hot for us, so we went to Home Hardware in Shelburne as they were having their yard sale.  Picked up a couple of things, then decided to go to our friends and dig up three more saplings.  They are huge one being at least 12 feet high, we immediately put them in a garbage bin of water to make them less stressed.

Sunday morning I planted the trees and have to say they still look very stressed, so fingers crossed they take.  Again by lunch time the heat was just too much for us.  We then decided to go out and buy some more weedkiller for the driveway as I think we have found one that actually works.  It's Scotts Path Clear.
We bought the 1 litre concentrate and use our own applicator to apply it.

Monday morning had us out in the garden by 7:30 a.m. in the hopes of beating the heat. Dh managed to rototiller the part of the veggie garden we had weeded, and I got four rows of potatoes put in, and some other veggies.  I also got a couple of raised beds finished off and planted.  One has garlic it in and the other has strawberries in it.

At lunch time dd arrived and we had pulled pork sandwiches and she brought over baked beans, I must get the recipe from her, as it was good.  We went out to Home Hardware again as they had some under layment on sale for laminate flooring in the basement.  It should have been $50 a roll, we paid $25 a roll, can't beat that.  We don't have any intention of doing the floor until the Fall, but it was too good a deal to pass by.

We also did a number of other things over the weekend, but those were the main jobs.

It's just a shame it was so hot over the weekend, as we could have got a lot more done.  Thankfully it's a lot cooler today, so I am having a day in the house to try and catch up as you can write your name in the dust around here!!!!


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

It was hot here as well until about 3 pm yesterday a cold front moved in, and I actually was cold. Much cooler today. Hubby got the veggie garden tilled up once so far. Lots of grass & dandelion in it :(

Jane and Chris said...

Threatening to rain here so it's ironing for me this afternoon.
Jane x

Scarlet said...

It's been lovely here today - sunny Lancashire for a change! We had lunch in the garden and will be having tea out there soon.

The Witch said...

Was lovely here and the wind was up so we actually did some planting without getting bitten by black flies.
We planted a few tree's and shrubs and a couple rows in the garden also.
I think I may try that Scott's Path clear if it is available here because our walkway always has weeds which are hard to get out between the interlocking bricks. A chore I really hate doing.

beagleAnnie said...

Hi Gill,
30 degrees in May. I know it's hard. I'm afraid how hot it will be in summer. Here in Osaka, I'm enjoying the comfortable weather, but soon the infamous hot and humid summer will come again.

Jane said...

We spent a good part of the weekend at Pt. Stanley where the nice breeze kept us pretty cool. I can't ever remember having such a warm long weekend in May before; usually its cold and wet!

Jean said...

Here in Manitoba, we had rain almost all weekend. Did clear off just enough yesterday to be able to do a few odd jobs outside. We cannot even get onto the garden because of all the rain we have had. Yes, the majority of Manitoba is very dry, but there are pockets and the garden is in one. It will probably be June before we can plant anything. Me thinks I should have planted in March when it was +30 and not humid. Love your blog.