Friday, May 18, 2012

More about our grass and Home of the week

The one thing I adore is a nice green lawn with straight cut lines.  If it looks like a carpet I am a happy camper.  I have been told time and time again to leave the field long and make it look like a meadow and only cut it a couple times a year.  I can't do that it looks too untidy to me, plus it then gets full of mice and snakes in the long grass.  So although it takes me 8 hours to cut all the grass and a small fortune in gas.........around $20 + a week, I really like it to look tidy.

I even get grass envy whenever I go past this golf course as their grass is stunning.  I am practically drooling as I drive past.  The grass on the greens look like green velvet, yes I know they use lots and lots of chemicals, but it looks so good.

I don't use any chemical on our grass so that is why it is full of weeds. I do mulch when I cut the grass so that helps, plus I try and cut the grass a different way each time I cut it so it grows in thicker.  From what it looked like when we moved in to what it looks like now is night and day. 

So although I appreciate you all feeling bad for me having to cut all that grass at the end of the day it's my own fault that I am so bloody picky.  Fortunately for me I don't work outside the house as if I did I wouldn't be able to maintain the property.  It would be too much with working full time and trying to keep up with the house.  Dh does help out now and then but he is busy renovating the inside of the house.

 Although this week's Home of the Week is really nice, at 8 million dollars it's a tad pricey, don't you think?  Granted the views from the back are great, and who wouldn't want a heated driveway, so you never have to shovel snow, but 8 million?  For that amount of money I would like a bit more room between me and my neighbours!!!!

Summer must be coming as we are back to Cottage of the Week again.  This week however the cottage is just for rent at $7,500 a week, yes you read that right, $7,500!!!!  I love the look of the "cottage" mansion but do not like the ultra modern touches throughout, like the island in the kitchen, it just doesn't fit in to my mind?  The owners are going to put it up for sale; I dread to think how much they will want for guess at least $4 million..........though probably closer to $7.5 million!!!


Debby said...

Ha, love this. My MIL was the same way about her grass, she would sit for hours on the lawn pulling weeds by hand so her yard would look like a golf course. I'm just happy to cut mine weeds and all, however I do like vacuum tracks in the house! Ha

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

LOL, I have to admit I am along the same thoughts as Debby. I could never keep up with the weeds around here, and if it is a drought year they might be the only green showing...

Jane and Chris said...

I'm the exact opposite. I love wild meadows,and nature's unruly freedom. I think golf courses are a complete waste of land.
Jane x
PS Gill, did I mention I hate lawns with a passion (heheheh)

Jane said...

I kinda like the "field" approach myself! HOWEVER I do like to walk barefoot so soft is nice too. It's more the feel than the look for me I guess.

Cash Only Living said...

Your post reminded me that hubby is happy as a clam now that our yard consists of rocks and sand--the desert look--as mowing even a small yard makes him think he is being overworked!